1. Great work the all 22 tell s it all.

  2. Im becoming a beLVEr !

  3. Beast….Lee needs to become a coach

  4. All the LVE haters have become lovers haha

  5. Great video Law! Where are all the LVE haters that were knocking the pick during the draft? LOL…they can't talk now. LVE is going to get better under Lee's guidance and kid is already a beast making plays.

  6. Law Baby– i love watching your stuff….and you aint about just wanting to be a celebrity….your stuff is sound…thanks a lot

  7. Huge Cowboys fan. Check my channel out as well?! Go Cowboys!

  8. Why is his pads like that???

  9. I heard a comment about LVE that I really liked. He's still a kid. He hasn't gotten his adult size body yet!!!! Yikes!!!!

  10. Love your film sessions Law. DC4L!!

  11. I was extremely high on him coming out. I'm glad to see I was right about him so far.

  12. It’s concerning that our defense hasn’t got any interceptions

  13. That's what I'm talkin' bout

  14. Leighton “The Real Deal” Vander aka football’s Evander Holyfield “WARRIOR”. Thanks for the enlightening breakdown. Can you also produce a video of his mistakes and miscues?

  15. IF Dallas' offense can get better and the defense can play the way it did the first two weeks this team can win a playoff game this year. However with Marinilli its a pipe dream.

  16. Yes by looking at Jaylon Smith his leg isn't near 100% despite the talk. He isn't able to keep his footing lacking the strength. Hes an nfl player but hes not gonna be special although I hope I'm wrong.

  17. Yes! Esch looking good thank you. Thats good because Ridley is looking very good. This video takes the edge off from thinking about having Ridley.

  18. When he said Brice Butler is getting there, u cut the video real quick 😂

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