The Dallas Cowboys vs Texans 3&1 Play and why put Anthony Brown on DeAndre Hopkins?

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  1. Law just as this game & the panther game I feel as if we gave them away like nah we don't want them knowing we need them up front to balance out on the back end if they gone do that Dak should have been smarter & said to zek im pulling back & than shovel passed it to Beasley everybody commensed so hard to Zek until that's a easy first the De wouldn't have made it to Beasley in time & if he did that 4th & 1 wouldn't have been so far for Garrett to make a great decision on I mean seeing this would make me question like Al hurns did if Dak got the power to audible out his self cause he could clearly see that Zek was gone get stopped Dak need to be that play maker that I know he can be this his 3rd yr now in this league called the NFL time for him to show like he know it is. 💯

  2. A lot of what ifs in this game but truth is Texans should of blown out the cowboys. Texans left 17 pts on the field. Shouldn't have even been a game. Either way happy with the win. #GOTEXANS.

  3. I'm gonna make like Deandre Hopkins and do a spin move away from this video

  4. 😳😳😳🤨🤨🤨….c’mon boys…

  5. The 3 linebackers really served NO PURPOSE on that play. You could have lined 2 outside line backers in front of the offenses right and left receivers and had them chip the wideouts with the corners playing off 10 yards from the line of scrimmage ready pick up the receivers once the linebackers bumped them. The middle line backer should have been placed 10 yards back from the line with the strong safety. That 2nd and 9 would have been 3rd and 5, not a big play that basically won the game.

  6. imo zeke is the best back in the league but that was bad vision from him, look at the 3rd and 1 play he could’ve easily went for the outside and had the first down and way more who knows maybe he would’ve scored or something lol. he should’ve went for it the easy way just use that speed to get to the outside and get the first. but garret still a dumbass for the 4th and 1 punt

  7. hopkins dribbled they lifr

  8. Anthony Brown needs to get cut and bring in marquez white to replace him

  9. I thought that was Beasley . I didn’t want to believe it though.
    Fire SL & JG!!!

  10. You did it again Aki Anthony Brown been in the league 3 years and still haven't been taught to turn his head around if they just teaching that he might be wind-up leading the NFL in all-time interceptions

  11. They should have put jones on him.Anthony brown has gotten burned before.or pass inf

  12. Nah man! Dak the QB for now Atleast! He’s the best one on the roster! We need ROMO BACK! But as the QB Coach! Not on the field!

  13. Why does Zeke have to get the ball in every crucial situation? Every 3rd down short or long? I mean every team has there go to guy but it's getting to predictable. Come on why not flip it to Tavon?( Why was Beasley out there?)Like I said before. Andy Reid woulda won that game, Mcvey woulda won that game, Payton woulda won that game. We gotta get couches with creative minds. Even if they come from college. GO CBOYS

  14. I disagree with you Law, there is something we can do it's weather or not there going to do it, and that's bring Dez Bryant back and throw the ball deep down field with Mike White at QB and the coaches need to do better drawing up plays run them through the computer and see which is more likely to work givin the particular defense the opposing team is in, the coaches need to watch film on these teams better that way they can have plays installed that would work if there getting a different look from the defense and change it at the line of scrimmage .

  15. None of our old wore out never change plays make sense to me. You have to develop plays not just run the same dumb crap

  16. We need a playmaker at qb one with some accuracy

  17. they should have went empty and ran the qb draw. if hou don't respect the field being spread  then throw. If they do then run the qb draw. that already worked twice in the game


  19. Beasely has a bungee cord around his waist.

  20. What a shock that Elliott got the ball? I would NEVER have guessed he'd get the ball!!!? lol

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