1. Let’s beat those Houston Oilers! ☝️?

  2. It was nice to win. But before we start getting in line for playoff tickets, let's step on the brakes a bit. The defense may have been exposed with crossing routes. The Lions were hitting that all afternoon. The TD against A-Brown was hard to watch. Coach Richard sure let the entire unit have it after that. He was piping mad. That has to be fixed ASAP. And on offense why is Austin still so rarely used. He should be out there about 99% of the time. And Butler didn't even play. We need our best players out there at all times. Austin, Thompson, and Butler should be the main package. And where's the bootlegs and RPO's. That's when Dak is at his best. Those need to be run so much more. But it is nice to win. How Bout Our Dallas Cowboys

  3. Heath has good and bad days, lacks consistency but sometimes shows bursts of good S play. Woods hasn't shown any excellence this season, some will argue his injury. LVE is looking raw but needs to muscle up and keep getting the start. D-Law was a bull, but that line needs to be better against the run. Irving should be a beneficial addition. Rico deserved that TD and it's good to see him blocking effectively. Dak finally played a good game. Receivers are dropping like flies or else he'd have had around 300 yards, but I believe he is below average and will not lead this team to a Playoff. He simply cannot carry this offense past an elite team, he lacks too much. We would've lost this game if Detroit hadn't committed critical fouls. The lack of 3rd down conversion is sickening, play-calling isn't creative. O-line held up nice. Overall game review: C+

  4. The past two weeks, it felt like they always had good coverage, but they cant make a play on the ball and Seattle and Detroit kept getting receptions on tight coverage. With the exceptions of the blown coverages.

  5. Swaim played really well this game. Much better than the Seattle game. And a heads up play to recover that fumble even if it didnt count. It was nice that they went to him on the td cause he deserved it.

  6. Detroit was holding the receivers all game. When dak got sacked on the first drive, they completely tackled hurns down the field which is why he couldn't get rid of the ball.

  7. CIAN FAHEY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PLGsP-pKno
    Did you know? In 2017 only 5.3 percent of Dak Prescott’s attempts were screens, the 2nd lowest rate in the league. If you thought Dak Prescott played like a superstar as a rookie but was awful during his second season, you’re likely conflating quarterback evaluation with evaluating the offense as a whole.

    Everything on the Cowboys offense got significantly worse in 2017. The offensive line got weaker at left guard and right tackle with new players, the center’s performances dropped off and the left tackle was hurt. Jason Witten was even slower at tight end. Dez Bryant spent the season struggling to get open then had a monumental number of drops when he did get open. Ezekiel Elliott was out of shape then out of the league for six weeks through suspension.

    Everything was worse except for the quarterback. The quarterback actually got better.

    Prescott wasn’t a star during his rookie season. The Cowboys should have gone back to Tony Romo. But Prescott grew in his second season. He was one of the most accurate passers in the league, ranking fourth in the league with a 60.2 depth-adjusted accuracy percentage. That was while throwing to a group of receivers who couldn’t separate and offered limited catch radiuses.

    Prescott wasn’t just checking down either. He threw 58.2 percent of his passes further than five yards downfield, the 7th rate in the league.

    More significantly, he threw the second-highest rate of passes into the 1-20 yard range. 77.2 percent of the Cowboys passing game existed within those parameters. It was the opposite of a short and shot play offense.

    Throwing into the 1-20 yard range is tougher to do than throwing the ball short and deep. In the Cowboys offense it meant an over-reliance on isolated routes with straight dropbacks where the quarterback had to manage the pocket.

    29 quarterbacks used play action or screens more often than Prescott did. He wasn’t throwing into distorted coverages or making quick throws into the flat that gained big yardage. He was responsible for throwing receivers open and carrying an offense that wasn’t built to work without an all star supporting cast.

    It was the same offense that Garrett ran during Prescott’s rookie season, but without the incredible pass protection and dominant running game, and with a worse group of receivers, the quarterback never had a real chance.

    What really stood out from Prescott was his acumen. He showed off more command of his offense during his second season. Making successful audibles and adjustments to spring receivers open. That was on the occasions when he had opportunities to do so.

    Jason Garrett’s refusal to adjust to his personnel or to his opponents meant that Prescott often appeared to be the only one on the Dallas offense who was trying to make the offense function smoother.

    Although the numbers weren’t there, Prescott’s precision as a passer, his intelligence as a quarterback and his physical skill set to function inside and outside of structure were obvious.

    The Cowboys have a lot of problems, the quarterback isn’t one.

  8. I have an interesting thought about Sean Lee if takes 5 or 6 more games out with his injury and LVE plays good are the Cowboys Fans and the owner turn on Sean Lee like they did Romo and Dez?

  9. Seattle i bet is regretting not taking dallas second round offer rite now

  10. familiar names in the Top 5:
    1. Ezekiel Elliott, 426
    2. Todd Gurley, 338
    3. Matt Breida, 313
    4. Marshawn Lynch, 300
    5. Carlos Hyde, 285

  11. Cowboys secondary play made this game closer then what it should have been

  12. As long as Elliot stays healthy and has a decent offense of line Zeke will be in position to beat Emitt Smith's record

  13. Elliott is on pace to catch Emmitt's 18,355 if he stays out of mischief. His running style hurts his chances though.

  14. Zeke has fumbling issues!

  15. Secondary was Horrible! Heath Played Extremely Bad!

  16. Okay, the boyz won two games at home which they played well, but lost two road games. As a fan, they are not going to go anywhere until they change the head coach and offensive coordinator.

  17. Yes Woods and Heath are pretty awful. We have no interceptions this year. Irvin is gonna be a nice addition!!!! Not crazy about the prospect of Marenilli back next year. I think hes awful.

  18. Law is Elliott touching on a new part of his game with his receiving? Can he be like that guy up there in Pittsburgh!!!? Yesterday might be a great sign!!!! EXCITING.

  19. As Elliott goes, Dak goes. Elliott if he stays out of mischief can challenge Smith's 18,355 yards. He is ahead of Emmitt Smith's pace as far as yards so far in his career. However his running style may stop him from having the endurance.

  20. Law Nation I couldn't get in your chat bro

  21. Two victories one with lions and one by not trading for earl. DON'T give a long term deal in the off season

  22. Battle of Texas this week!

  23. I hope you can continue to say Dak has all these intangibles when we lose to teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons. This is when I will wonder if all those in intangibles can make up for the skills he does not have, I know my answer will be no because I can tell you he can only do this against chump teams and has yet to do it against a playoff contender.

  24. would you rather have Ryan Fitzpatrick NOW…… INSERT LAWS LAUGH lol epic

  25. We won but let put Dak in the Hall of Fame yet. We were playing a team coming of of short week playing a tough game with a bunch of key player out. We were at home but we are going on the road now . We will see more pressure this week on the offensive.

  26. Yeah Law I agree! I think the Cowboys are working out the kinks, they will get better as the season progresses

  27. LVE remind me of Zack Thomas

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