1. Hopkins still out there solving global warming with them spin moves

  2. Have you followed the game, studied the game ? I believe you have and I enjoy this site. There is one glaring weakness on this team. What has been the weakness for years is a strength. What we thought would be a strength is a weakness (Oline). I have supported the young man until now. I have made excuses for him and Linehan is no joke, he is pathetic and has never won anywhere, ever (sorry). But Dak is getting worse each week win or lose. He has no vision and his tunnel is growing more narrow each week. I didn't see him check off and run Zeke straight into the strength of the defense yesterday so that is good. But first I want to stop and try to look at this perspectively. I believe in all of sports. The most difficult of all is playing Qb in the NFL and running an offense. There is no other comparison. You control 10 other men and have to general them all, direct them all. And its more mental than physical and it is physical. But passes thrown when they shouldn't be. I just wish Dak had some sort of real Qb coach to help him. And the Qb position is the weakness of this club, period. He will have more ups and downs, good days and bad days like all Qb's. But unless we get him some real coaching help or some sort of boost. It could get a lot worse. But this team has potential. Once this season we were the only team in the NFC BEast that won. Hopefully the Skins will fall tonight and everyone in the NFC BEast will lose so we won't lose any position. Its is still early and its the teams that are healthy, hitting on all cylinders and peak at the right time who go deep. We have the potential with this Defensive Line who is playing with a good rotation, has depth and is holding its own. First time in 21 years we have been strong across the front AND had any depth. If Dak can just find himself and direct the O and not try to do too much. We cut down on mistakes and stay healthy. I believe we can win it all with this team.
    You have to admit, O'Brien gave us a gimme not Qb sneaking at the inch line a couple times and going into the gun. I'm sorry but that is just plain STUPID. The D does not know what the snap count is. And of all the reps the Qb and center have, if you can't take a snap and stick your head down and get an inch, you have problems. But our D held and thats all that matters.
    And as for the should have done this or that on this play or that. No excuse, we lost and should grow from it. I want to bring up Lee. I read a quote from him. He said he was sticking with what works for him as far as his hammy is concerned. It ticked me off pretty bad. I'm like, what works ?, Like when has it worked ? Like maybe Sean Lee you should start doing something else because whatever it is it DOESN'T WORK ! Jaylon had a great night and he is able to cut hard right pushing off with his left and be quick about it. Now he is getting his step back. He has had the speed. But not the quickness to that side.

  3. This guy of ballers TV show loooooool

  4. drug addicts have a better identity than our offense

  5. We need a coach and a play caller with balls it is wat it is .

  6. Shouldve went for it on 4th and 1

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