1. I'm happy we got a high caliber backup for when Lee is out.

  2. I really wanted us to take Ridley but every game LVE is proving to be a solid pick for us.

  3. Love you video's. LVE is the real deal.

  4. I dnt like him I'm sure he's a nice player but he's not dat dog n da inside u would want fa a first rounder but we will see

  5. He could be a solid replacement for Lee.

  6. i think this will be our future replacement for Lee. if he gets a hold of the game and has that elite ability then all that talk about him being the next brian urlacher wouldnt be all for nothing and just talk

  7. One way to describe Vander Esch ,A Tackle Machine !!

  8. You said it law Vander esch is definitely the real deal and this is just his rookie year can't wait to see more out of him if there's any bright spot to this year it's definitely our defense.

  9. He was the #1 run stopping LB in the draft and Dallas needed hell against the run. He also is leading the team in tackles.

  10. I wasn't sure about the pick but this past week he really stood out during the game he seems like a solid pick

  11. Liked the lve pick unlike most fans. Needed a lb badly. This is probably Lee's last year in dallas and smith is looking ok so far.

  12. I’ve already gave this boy a nickname the terminator my favorite now when Lee’s is gone also smith

  13. Draft night told my friend cowboys will draft lve/beast/greatness/hit hard/great tackler/Cowboy nation

  14. I like him he is in every play

  15. This kid is good .we should trade lee now for pics

  16. looking forward to see him against the lions starting

  17. I've been waiting for ppl to notice lve and just think he gets better each week and these tackles he gets is single drive and single quarters and as I understand it he was supposed to be one of the startering middle linebackers before Lee got hurt but I'm not 100 % on that and he was hurt Preseason so maybe they were trying to ease him in lol

  18. TBT I didn't think he was a first-round pick, but thats why im not making them either.

  19. I wish Jaylon Smith the best but his play is that of a solid lb and nothing more. He whiffed on some tackles @ Seattle. I was surprised. The draft guides on him said he tended to read too quickly and be out of position at times and I've witnessed that.

  20. The Marenilli D is god awful forcing turnovers. Terrible but thanks for encouraging words about Esch.

  21. With our needs at wr its hard to get RID of the stomach ulcer.

  22. thank you law nation. finally I hear praise for this 1st rd pick. way too much negative on LVE since he was picked. give him more play time and he will be a beast in this league. Huge talent in this kid. Loves to hit. Loves to tackle. A year from now he will be so fast, exploding all over the field tracking down anyone with the ball. I predict the kid will be right among the top of the LB position for the next decade

  23. #55 Good MAN 👍👍

  24. Need to see more playmaking ability. But looking better.

  25. Can’t wait to see him lay some wood on somebody.. he’s a sure tackler tho

  26. Only thing I wish he had more pop, but hey he gets the guys down. Would also like to see some turnovers.

  27. I remember the long draft video by Voch about Vander Esch where he was hard on him for being soft and not shedding blocks and bad technique there, but this looks totally different now. It's a really big improvement in such a short time. I was saying then they drafted him, he has all the physical tools, everything he doesn't do that well yet can be learned.
    Also, since we blame the coaching for players not progressing etc. we should give praise to the coach/coaches in this case.
    Only problem now with Lee out will be, who really organizes the defense and is the defensive quarterback.

  28. This kid is a A++ for us in this draft… with Lee always going down to injury, we HAD to have that someone, and LVE is looking like he is THAT guy!! Hand it to JJ and the draft clowns for NOT picking another bust player… they actually hit on it with this guy.

  29. I liked the pick when it was made and the fact that we came away with what we did didn't hurt, but as Leighton I've been watching him closely as well and I noticed he gets everyone down on the first try especially Saquan that stood out to me.

  30. Law -I complain a lot about Cowboy player moves and thought LVE was a reach. I wanted Ridley, but if LVE can do this at this point of his career, he’s a good choice at a position of need, especially with Sean hurt again.

  31. Man Law I’m glad we drafted him being general Lee is Awreddy in the sidelines

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