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  1. Stephen Jones uses critical thinking in decision making process not emotionally driven like Jerry. He's not afraid to make difficult decisions sooner than later.

  2. You crazy! YOU crazy!! ROFL!! Awesome video Law! Salute!!

  3. Good show fellas even though I didn't agree with alot of shit yall saying lol. My 1st time really listening to you guys and I will be listening again

  4. Yea I think Kavon will do nice as the strong safety

  5. Far as the Switzer move I believe that was more about Dallas wanting Ward and DT depth. We have a lot of d lineman but not many DTs. And since Switzer was our returner that opened the door for Austin

  6. I dont agree with the Jason kisses players ass theory. Hatcher said when he 1st got to Dallas he said the coaches didn't play the best players until Garrett took over

  7. A true person that leave 🚶💨💨💨 anything just leave ! Guys great work put in and thanks for give me Cowboys material I can roll with every time

  8. Great talk yall! Love the different opinions thats what makes it a good discussion!

  9. I like how Law brung up these other so called top QBs compared to Dak it ain't no big margin and Dak from the last two years better than 18 to 20 QBS in the league

  10. Akoye and Law man I just love that you guys are chopping it up on Dak. Akoye your analysis on Dak was fantastic bro. Even though I think highly of our QB its obvious that he needs to improve to quell the doubters.

    Dak in my analysis was at fault for Dez being gone fron the team. He forced way too many balks to Dez. It wasn't necessary. He waited to throw him the ball on too many occasions. He never trusted his eyes. Not desicive enough when throwing the ball last year. Hesitated way too much and took to many hits. Coaching and playcalling did him no favors also. We waited too long to change our offense to fit his skill set when Ezekial Elliot got suspended for 6 games. Why are we running playaction when no one cared about who was running the ball. Dak I believe will have his best season this year he knows that he needs to improve and I have confidence that he is our franchise QB. Anyway good spit and keep it going brothers.

  11. and Byron Jones took out Jason Written and fight he set for step against a pro bowler in practice! Just need to put him in a spot and leave him alone

  12. I'd take thelen over dez. I know it sounds crazy and you all laughed. But he creates separation and catches the ball. Plus he not creating problems on the side line. I got 3 dez Bryant jerseys still in my closet. He was kill in his prime, but the drama used to be put aside because the production. Say what you want on dak. I agree he needs improvement but he wins games. Even last year with a lot adversity he won ball games. I think we made moves to insure we have a capable next man up. I just hope dak is strong minded enough to shut out all the negative remarks and ball out. Loved dez but Dez couldn't do this that's why he is gone.

  13. Akoye is dak hater how about you blame coaches instead of dak


  15. ur right law, those divisions don't make sense

  16. I want Garrett’s bum ass fired and this horrible coaching staff it’s time to clean house

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