1. Dak and Brice have better connection than Dak and dez. Brice did good last year. I’m happy he’s back. Perfect timing.

  2. Dak knows how to throw to brice they had a good connection

  3. I LIKE BRICE, ALWAYS HAVE.. i pUT HIM IN THE PATRICK CRAYTON, mILES austin category…good chemistry with Dak…he can step right in and stretch the field

  4. Average player not really excited

  5. I thought we never should of got rid of him. Big mistake…. I'm glad he is back he will impove the wide receiver core.

  6. I think it was Dwayne Goodrich

  7. I think Brice will be a factory cuz he and Dak have great chemistry can't wait to see how it goes during the season.. # looking forward to it..

  8. i like brice butler especially with tevon austin there will be some good explosive plays going on.

  9. What in the T Will do we gotta do to get safeties on this team? Cut a safety for a WR….smh

    Hurns is average like most people predicted. Austin and Butler will be deep threat receivers and Beasley and Gallup will be mid field slant receivers. My opinion Hurns and T Will are both taking up roster space….

  10. We will have more productivity from dez then we got out from T.will and Allen Hurns ?

  11. he kind of sucks,but he will draw some attention,he is a poor man's…………….fill in the blank any fool that sucks….he ALMOST makes spectacular catches,and as bad as he sucks,is better than what's out there.who the F is t williams>

  12. What video was that when you was fussin about Stephen a smith? You said something like “ I’m coming with the facts and I’ll shut him up”!!!!

  13. TWill, Jourdan Lewis and a 4th round pick for E.T. next week

  14. What Brice brings is a dynamic big-play threat. With the size and speed and timing with Dak, he becomes someone the defense has to account for. Again that would force single coverage on Thompson, Austin, and Beasley. It would also compel defenses to not stack the box against the run game. And once the run game really gets loose, we all know what that means. "Zeke Time".

  15. The Arizona coaches obviously saw something that they didn't like in this Butler guy.

    I'm telling you Dak Prescott had something to do with this!

  16. I disagree bruh. Josh Gordonis a good player, but I think he is more of a distraction than help. Brice Butler knows the offense, Dak and he is not a distraction. Y’all kill me with this double standard crap. You want Josh Gordon saying we need him and willing to overlooks is bullshit, but don’t want Brice Butler who you know as a player on and off the field and in the locker room. Ow, but we have 6 receivers already so we don’t need Butler, but we need Gordon.

  17. Repp’in the Nations Capital, Washington D.C., baby.

  18. Rico should be a starter !! He's bigger stronger and can do damage ..been saying this for 2 yrs now

  19. Lance Leonor should have been given an opportunity to be honest. He earned during camp and pre-season.

  20. My opinion of Brice is this. They talk about how much of an distraction Dez was in the locker room and on the field. My opinion is pertaining to how Butler left the team. He basically gave the organization an ultimatum by demanding a starting position or to be traded. Not to mention he called out coaches and players too. How that’s not a distraction is beyond me. However, now that he’s been cut by the Cardinals, he seems to have been humbled. With that being said, he does have a connection with Dak and if that equates to more deep balls thrown in order to open up the run game, then I’m for it.

  21. FACT ALERT !!!, I just read a report just released (43 minutes ago) by NBC Pro-Football Talk's Charean Williams. KRIS RICHARD made ALL the Defensive Calls during the Giants game. I TOLD ALL of you that, and got blowed off. I know Marinelli and his approach and the way he uses his philosophy. I knew it, please report this to the Cowboy Nation. This is a very good thing for us !!!

  22. Brice bring speed and can open the field and he's a veteran and nothing going to be perfect and beside the coaches never use players the rite way besides that talking about what if are we could have did are should have did is not gonna help this team rite now as long we can get a W that's all it matters

  23. Its bottom line Brice Butler vs Dez

  24. Law what up!!! I dont think we will be your #1 receiver but he does bring experience. If you look at his body of work.. at times, he shows that he can be a huge factor.. BUT like u said, we havent seen the consistency in the past. He has some injury that has caused him not to see the field as much.. but its a great pick up

  25. Question…. how can we really judge productivity when the receiver catch a pass then off the field? Why not leave the receiver of choice on the field to see if they fit…. my opinion you can't really get a good evaluation of the receiver with all the subs each down. Ur thoughts

  26. Williams hasnt done anything so far this year

  27. Williams was out played by butler in 2015 when dez was hurt butler made huge catches

  28. Brice is a decent receiver he just needed more playing time and targets. Glad to see him back the rest of the receiving core needs to step up trade T.Will

  29. I believe mekale McKay and McKay I believe he could work his way into being a number one receiver yes I said it I believe that that man could work his self into being a number one receiver given the opportunity

  30. Brice Butler best season Rec. 21 catches in 2014. Best season Rec. Yards 317 in 2017. Total games played career 61. Total catches 76 total yards 1117. Career TDs 8. This is over 5 seasons.

  31. This is my personal opinion on Tavon Austin I think he will be a great wide receiver Brice Butler we don't know what we're going to get with him what do you think we're going to get with him if he comes in and knocks the league in the mouth and what I mean by that if he comes in and plays lights out if he shows us something that he's got that fire that he can play that he can put these points on the board that he can be a game-changer then I say yes sign him up keep him put him on the team I have not seen that out of him the past Seasons that he has played for us and that he has played in the league I just don't see that coming out of him prove me wrong Brice Butler prove me wrong here's a challenge go out there and knock 1800 yards receiving this year out of the ballpark

  32. In 1998 Greg Ellis was are first round pick. Randy Moss was drafted latter in the that draft at pick 21.

  33. Im good with him replacing twill

  34. That should include not playing prevent defense. The Defense that can prevent you from winning. The only CB that was draft by the Cowboys in the first or second round between 1997 and 2000 was Dwayne Goodrich out of Tennessee. He kind of played between 2000 and 2002. He played in a total of 16 games with 0 INT and 0 tackles. Maybe he was who you were thinking of. Goodrich was involved in a hit run accident in 2002 and waived by the Cowboys afterwards. He was drafted 2 years after Randy Moss. The Boys did not have a first round pick because of the Gallaway trade.

  35. Is BB even going to play? He isn't going to start if he does….why the big deal??
    He may only be with the team for just this year anyway – if that long!

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