The Dallas Cowboys | Jourdan Lewis? + Looking Forward To Week 3 📢

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  2. A.B. is good but he gets a lot of flags. I feel like Lewis gets less interference calls

  3. Jourdan should be starting and amthony shpuld be starting and chido they all get picks and thats what we need to have a superbowl defence byron is lockdown but he jus not a ballhawk ab jd and chido are tbh but im fine wit ab and jd swirching off and backing up byron and chido we need em all

  4. Chidube not looking to good. Giving up big plays last two weeks.

  5. AB's rookie year was better than Jourdan's, and so far looks like our D is #3

    And where you get those glasses Law, I need me a pair!

  6. Honestly its tuff to down Anthony brown who has played outstanding this year

  7. Lewis is better.. we asked him to start more than several games last yr and he came up big by shutting down top notch receivers every time.. if Jerry or Stephen Jones trade him.. they truly are fuckin retarded.. and Lewis will make em pay if he does get traded when he gets he's chance at payback

  8. They should keep both of them trade 1 round pick for Earl Thomas and ask for a third round pick too

  9. Aaron Rodgers abused 27 bc he was a rookie. He better not try it now.

  10. Maybe Dallas is trying to trick Seattle into going after brown instead of Lewis,by getting more game play for brown to see what he can do.that happens alot in the nfl.

  11. Law nation Jordan Lewis isn’t that special he can’t play the deep ball wel. The way our system he is a legit #4 corner for this team.


  13. Dshew lewis doesnt get burned like brown i like brown dont get me wrong but hes no jourdan lewis the eye test doesnt lie that he's special

  14. I believe you were referring to Roy Williams.

  15. Lewis is a lockdown man corner… In time he will be much better than Brown. #Facts

  16. Keep young grasshopper let him compete while developing into greatness

  17. Anthony Brown can Go keep lewis

  18. Dallas Cowboys 23, Seattle Seahawks 17

  19. They must see something we don't we can get too close to some of these players giving them names liking certain things they do we have to trust Chris Richard, and what's best for the team, we are doing good let's just focus on that, lets move on.

  20. Well, Jourdan Lewis had a BETTER Rookie year than Anthony Brown

  21. Jerry Jones PLEASE DON'T TRADE OR CUT JOURDAN LEWIS (Former Michigan Wolverines) Cornerback wearing #26 during his tenure there, I love me some Jourdan Lewis 😭🙁

  22. As a starter, not too many teams threw the ball at Lewis last year. Where as they threw at Brown all the time in his rookie year. All things considered i think they're about equal. That one handed INT Lewis had in college is unforgettable. So you know he has ability. Lewis is also a better tackler. But Brown has the experience over Lewis.

  23. I'm a die heart Michigan Wolverines fan so, I already knew what Jourdan Lewis is capable of and was VERY excited the Dallas Cowboys drafted him.👍✌

  24. I love j lewis great slot corner if we zoning like it was said that we good its hard to see the weakness…only way i like a trade is if we get Earl Thomas

  25. Brown should go keep him

  26. Jourdan Lewis had his chance to win a starting spot and he didn't. Anthony Brown outplayed him, and I would trust Richard. Rookie Anthony Brown had two picks… both for. Eli manning. Jourdan Lewis got mossed in the GB game due to his size, not his ability. Lewis still has some hype, so we might be able to get a pick for him…maybe a tight end.

  27. Lewis’ skill is definitely better than Brown. However his consistency in practice maybe an issue.

  28. Lewis was trash in the preseason…. Leave Brown in for now, he is not a problem

  29. They said that they had a few free agent corners in the facility including David Amerson

  30. Jourdan Lewis is a better football player than Anthony Brown hands down!!! The Cowboys are out of their cotton-picking mind if they don't put this man on the field more often.

  31. Just plain stupid. He is better than Brown period. Fuck speed.

  32. We better not trade him

  33. When he was at Michigan I'm sure everyone has seen the the play,that one handed int to seal the game was incredible. Dallas is known to do some stupid stuff form time to time I dont believe this will be one of them.

  34. Hes better then Brown, if there shopping get a Big D tackle

  35. I swear if we get rid of Lewis imma be pissed.

  36. I like Jordan Lewis Anthony Brown been burnt quite a few times

  37. I like Lewis over brown.. needs playing time to grow can be a shut down corner

  38. Hello Law, how are You?
    I saw where the NY Giants are going to give Chaz Green a tryout. You think they will signed him?????.

  39. Jourdan Lewis is too talented to give up so soon
    He’s a competitor! I watched him in Michigan
    Give him time

  40. Why ppl say he so short I seen him and chido standing side by side and and I thought he looked taller. Even if he is shorter it's very hard to tell.

  41. I really dont think they would do that hes good and we dont have enough DBS on our 53 man roster

  42. Yes Anthony brown is faster but Lewis is more physical & just a more better man to man corner period

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