The Dallas Cowboys | Starting Defensive Line up and Sports Illustrated Predictions ???

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  1. EYY LAW.Skip Bayless said on thursday ,that earl thomas will be wearing the star by opening week,,is he just taLKING SHIT?OR IS THERE SOMETHING REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN?

  2. if we had Zeke' 13- 3' it's a no Trainer to me.sean Lee ' T' Smith was also out. with Zeke' I see 4 more win

  3. Loved Tyree Robinson the day thy signed him as a FA,add another guy like Chancellor James 6'3 safety released from 9ers and we cooking with gas.

  4. Think when we get David Irving back… defense is gonna be litty this season

  5. Hopefully we draft OLB Devin White LSU 1st round next year. SS Delvon Randall Temple. WR Ahmmon Richards Miami. Slot WR Parrish Campbell Ohio St.

  6. Time for Law to serenade my ears with that "Let's get this thang started one way or a notha" Lmaooo?

  7. Law, I’m glad your are bringing some optimism to this fan base. Everyone is thinking the world is coming to an end due to Frederick’s absence

  8. It would make too much sense to bring in Teddy B. Of course Jerry and company will not bring him in

  9. Reggie smith 11-5, Picayune Mississippi

  10. colin kaepernick is cheap right now

  11. It's not a bad idea for Bridgewater. Might take a 3rd rounder. If Dak doesnt work out then you have Bridgeawater on a cheap deal who has starting ability. Might even fit the offense better.

  12. Excellent idea about bringing in Teddy Bridgewater (if he's available), Dak Prescott played much better when he knew that Tony Romo was waiting to "take over."

  13. Hate to say it man but I think we gonna be a 7-9 team

  14. My cowboys need a safety. They should convert rod smith to safety.

  15. I think we'll go 9-7. Just a feeling but regardless I'm going to cheer like crazy!

  16. Chido is the next Everson Walls

  17. Law dawg do you now see the 2016 Draft is shaping up to be one of the best in Cowboys history ?? We know what Jaylon and Zeke can do, this is Dak's 3rd season if the O-Line can hold up our offense will be in attack mode!!

  18. Joe Thomas is a hitter, he plays strong vs the run. LVE who???

  19. LB Joe Thomas and DE Gregory are the biggest surprises so far. This is why we all found it hard to believe LVE was taken in the 1st round, DJ Moore was my pick at #19.

  20. Tyrone Crawford is garbage, he's too small to play defensive tackle.

  21. Anthony brown looks terrible all 3 preseason games… PLS PUT LEWIS THERE

  22. Say brother law who did you compare Michael Gallup to? Who he remind u of?

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