1. Go cowboys ! Check out which team the A .I. Thinks will win in Cowboys vs Panthers matchup https://youtu.be/A_zQXqmmIvc

  2. Great vid! Pulling for the Panthers! Welcome back football!

  3. panthers gonna stomp a mudhole in the cowboys asses

  4. If Zeke runs on our loaded box the cowboys are going to the Superbowl. A healthy Cam can make up for a missing O line until he gets punch drunk. Usually takes a couple weeks. I think you'd have a bigger advantage in a few weeks. Cam is more veteran and has a history of making no name receivers names. Our worst unit, DB verses your least proven unit, receivers. Objectively I like us at home figuring Dak will have some drops and tips on good passes to new receivers. Week 1 Cam is more likely to Superman. I just hope y'all don't kill him for the rest of the season. I pick the Panthers only because it's home. Close enough though if it we're in Dallas.

  5. Everyone talks about how without our oline our running game will suffer and lead to be able to lock in on Dak and the passing game… why ain't no one talking about how bad Carolina bad oline is and how their run game will suffer and expose Cam? Total hypocrites and Cowboys haters… Our offense is veratile in every meaning of the word with no predictability in passing downs… our Oline is still in good shape to handle their front 7, Carolina weak link is their secondary… watch em play off with Deonte Thompson and Tavon driving then back to open up the underneath routes and the running game.

  6. We got jaylon smith and if he stay healthy a beastly sean lee patrolling out there facts. A healthy sean lee better than kuechly whatever his name is. And biggups to law nation for bringing us nothing but the best

  7. Great thought on Kuechly. Will be keying in one him when we are on offense. Also, Im happy as well at the fact this team is being doubted by analysts. Makes for a good storyline bulletin board material

  8. Dink n Dunk Dak 😛

  9. Maaaaaannnnn…you Cowboys fans do ALOT of talking…mainly of which mostly you know nothing about…we'll see come Sunday.

  10. thank you for what u do law,can't get enough,,, dallas cowboys4vr

  11. Every team is going to make Dak beat them..running the ball is what every team knows the Cowboys want to do. This is Dak's show, he needs to prove his worth.

  12. So James Harden is a Cowboys fan?

  13. My only concern bout da Boyz is dak's accuraCy: Datz it.

  14. My expectations for my Cowboys (#badboyz > #hotboyz) is to make the playoffs and get 1 win, then just keep winning from there. Dak HAVE TO repeat his rookie season or better, nothing less. I know Zek gon' eat. Hopefully no major injury to our Defense. The league in for a surprise because Bad Boyz Cowboys are here and they for real!!!

    P.S. I prefer Bad Boyz Cowboys over Hot Boyz.

  15. If you think the Cowboys are beating the Panthers you are autistic

  16. With all the disaster at the offensive line position last year Elliott managed 98 yds a game which projects out to over 1,500 yards.

  17. Hope to see Dak air it out atleast a couple times to let the dbs know that they will try to go deep.

  18. They gotta put Smith on Cam Newton during the game as hes probably the fastest linebacker.

  19. Damn law if we lose U gotta eat hella crow my man.

  20. I love coming out and watchin your videos Law!

  21. Great video my brother….can't wait til game time. Got the butterflies already lol. If we're nervous…imagine how they must feel.

  22. Pumping me up Law!!!
    Go Cowboys 🇺🇸🏈

  23. The Dallas Cowboys sign Keyon Reed to a 5- year $500M dollar deal $200M Gauranteed according to sources close to Stephen A. Smith. The biggest NFL contract given in NFL history. Jerry Jones considers Reed a once in a generation level talent. A franchise player who will bring the organization multiple Superbowl rings. Reed has been quoted gauranteeing the Dallas organization six Superbowl championships. Keyon Reed will be a player to watch for the next decade stated PHOF Corner Deion Sanders.

  24. boys have bodies at lb – should the boys put a shorter leash on lee throughout the season??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    save or conserve lee for divisional games – nobody reads the mail on divisional opponents better than lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

    ur thoughts?

  25. To late for Seattle.

  26. Damm Law' need a plate of dat..lol 'and a cold one.. Cowboys nation..

  27. Lmao! keep this video up after the game!

  28. Dallas 31 Carolina 24 will be the final

  29. Carolina D-line underrated. I think it will be a close game

  30. Earl Thomas back to work

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