Dallas Prospect LIVE: Ep. 24 – Training Camp Talk | Let’s Go Cowboys #DC4L

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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. I’m al n on the cowboys WIN LOSE OR Draw I’m cowboys fan. For life

  2. I don’t understand why everybody doubting the cowboys, David Ervin is going to be fantastic those coaches knows how to prepare them cowboys will be back.

  3. Big game James with the 🔥🔥on #94. It's about time we here some positive stories on these troubled players.

  4. I admit….I wrote Gregory off myself…but he has won my respect with the hard work, sacrifice and….most importantly….his ACCOUNTABILITY.

    Hopefully Irving will get to that point regardless if he is still on the team or not.

  5. Where can I find some of these highlights of day 1 training camp? Can you send a link so I can take a look

  6. If Irving doesn't play this year doesn't that make him a restricted free agent

  7. SIGN ZEKE barring some kind of injury….

    Only getting five years of a 4th overall (age 20 when drafted) stud running back would make the pick a failure ( assuming we dont win a superbowl).

  8. You sign zeke if he don't slow down if he still going u keep him. At 8 9 years in the league then look at it defently but tell then pay the man. Don't do him like bell has been for last few years

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