Live Dallas Cowboys VS NY Giants | Post Game Reaction ?

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  1. Prescott passing? Like the quick read quick release, needs to work on touch…. Rico could of had a TD if that ball had a lil air on it…. no one on that side to pick it off…. but over all
    I would use same game plan vs Seattle

  2. Was there live like 95 and lost my damn voice in the process

  3. Lolll at 29:35 “I ain’t gonna say anything”

  4. We actually do have the best linebacker Corp in the league. Damien Wilson is an INCREDIBLE depth player. Joe is as well. Jalen, LVE, Sean… So stacked…

  5. Shout out to Sanjay Lal.. the improvement in the wr’s catching the ball is showing.

    This being Rico’s first game of the season… Rico is going to be a huge asset down the road.

    We need to sit back and wait on signing Butler if that’s really the case. Butler will get up field however he’s probably in the 55-70 percentage when it comes to catching the ball. We never know.

    As far as our O Line: it’s coming together.

  6. Could this team actually be REALLY good?!?!?! The lack of preseason play may've hurt me than help. Rico probably hasn't had much time to practice with Dak or the first team. More reps will help him and the rest of the WR's. Adding Brice back helps promote more down the field play. I'm looking forward to the test of this season. Oh…and we get Irving and Gregory back. #thatpart

  7. What's good Law the power of being positive hummmm

  8. Dak in interviews sounds like a guy who has been doing this for 10 years.

  9. DAK made a damn fool out of you nagging complaining wanna be cowboy fans deep pass and TD to tavon and yet you still pout like girls you just cant wait to see us lose so you can talk shit what will you say after we kick seahawks ass

  10. What got going? Unless your saying one pass is getting it going? ??

  11. # Deep Ball Dak ?
    Great win cowboys

  12. >>>>>>>>>>DAK HATER FREE ZONE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  13. Shout out to voch Lombardi. He was saying how the cowboys should've run more read option after the Panthers game, that's exactly what they did last night.

  14. I’m not worried about Zeke. For the last 3 seasons he’s started off slow

  15. Does the Giants still have no O line ???

  16. What the intro song name

  17. @LawNation Rico had two balls thrown to him and one was for a Touchdown. He over threw him twice. Rico can help this offense get back to 28 points a game and take 8 n 11 men in the box. Dak was inaccurate

  18. Bro ain't no ball bounce of Rico's hands Dak over threw him both times way over threw him both times

  19. jason garrett is an unchained wild ass dog nigga

  20. When they lose their keys trash when they win the game what he still not very good if we could bring that the hot dog guy from the stadium and he'll play just as good as Dak can

  21. For the life of me I do not understand the hatred for Dak Prescott he's done nothing but when she came to doubt all the trash quarterbacks we've had since Troy Aikman minus Tony Romo I can't even count you can't count on two hands the trash quarterbacks we've had now we have a quarterback that's a winner a proven winner and they're still not happy

  22. Thank you Mickey, give em some knowledge.

  23. A win is a win is going to be a regular statement this year if we are going to be successful.

  24. Great job drafting by Jerry, and Stephen, and Jason cause he’s a big part of it as well.

  25. All I got to say is you Law hated LVE in the draft. Admit it!!

  26. I liked the offense tonight. It's gonna take a few more games to get in sync with these WRs. Hot Boyz looking nice!!!

  27. If the Cowboys can get ahead in games, WE WILL BE FINE.

  28. Chiefs aren’t shit!!! They got Andy Reid.

  29. Did anyone else notice all the balls that should be caught were caught. Unlike DEZ.

  30. I know Cowboy fans don’t know what a defense first team means, but watching the AFC North for 20 plus years now, this defense can be special. We can change this shit Seattle style. I’ve never seen anyone shut down Beckham like Awuzie. Brilliant!!!

  31. Martymarr from Chicago. Hey there Brother Law. I give my Cowboys a C+ overall. The Defense is Solid. Once our offense gel which they around week 5, look out America.

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