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  1. Cause he’s 6’5, that’s why he tackles high. Plus he’s still soaring to his greatness.

  2. Parcells ain’t shit.

  3. Rashaun Evans had injuries his whole Alabama careeer.

  4. Garrett’s not going nowhere.. wanna bet

  5. Medicals are right. How do y’all know who’s on teams boards? Y’all sound stupid..

  6. U say ur not hating,but you are. Cowboys are great at evaluating these draft picks.

  7. STOP TALKING ALL AT ONCE… DAMN!! Cowboys fans are stupid af

  8. You probably got too many pages open. Too many voices at once.

  9. Until otherwise proven the player will be known as Bobby Carpenter 2. He has the same measurables as good ole boy Bobby. Man I hope I am wrong. Jaylon just needs to prove it this year cause they want to move him to Strong side and start BCarp2 at MLB. That will be a mistake. He benched 20 reps. Are we serious right now? I rather we flipped the WR room with a quick twitch 1 DJ Moore. Nope we got this Bama from Boise that couldn't even thump with the Mountain Conference. Cmon Son.

  10. Its a solid pick, not flashy, but the kind of player you really notice when he's not on the field. Evans will probably not be as durable as LVE considering how plays.To get off topic to explain my point, a NBA great like Tim Duncan, was not flashy but gave SA production that is very hard to replace. Welcome to the team, and welcome to Dallas LVE.

  11. i think jason jones is thinking that leighton vander esch reminds them of luke kuechly?????????!!!!!!!!!

    Kuechly had an immediate impact his rookie season, as he led the NFL in tackles[1] and won the Associated Press 2012 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award, becoming the third youngest recipient in its history.[2][3] In 2013, Kuechly became the youngest recipient of the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award in its history.

    kuechly asked sean lee for tips studying film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  12. LOL Some Cowboy fans are TOTAL idiots. 😂😂😂 You had Richards and Marinelli in the draft room and these dummies are saying Hernandez and Ridley. I can't

  13. The loudmouth at 1:36 is wrong. This kid is not merely a one-year starter. His first year he played more downs than the starter.
    The second year he was the starter. A few questions: how many players did any of you work out? How many scouts and coaches did you grind? Why did 32 teams pass on Harold Landry?

    And as far as Boise State alumni? You guys are so clueless you didn't mention Demarcus Lawrence.

    Finally, there was no evidence of spinal stenosis. The kid had a stinger. That's it.

    This may be the dumbest collection of fans to post a video on the draft. That's quite an accomplishment. This vid is for you:

  14. I hope he works out, but i am glad i didn't watch the draft i would have been so disappointed. Nothing against the Vander guy but damn…especially after the Giants finally got a running back and the Eagles won the SB….i'm just sad now.

  15. Barbie Carpenter 2.0

  16. Hitchens Is gone They needed a Mike LB,that's my reasoning behind the pick…

  17. I can't say I love the pick of Vander Esch but remember when the Cowboys selected Travis Frederick? Most people were very critical saying they reached for a player they could've or might have had in the 2nd or 3rd round. Yet Frederick was a slam dunk day 1 starter and already a 3 time pro bowl player. What's wrong with Boise State players anyway? Don't we love Demarcus Lawrence? Tyron Crawford has been a solid starter for us too. Cowboys have been solid in the first round so let's wait before we over-react shall we?

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