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  1. Good Morning Law Nation. I'm In It To Win It.Go Cowboys.They Gonna Get It Together.❤️❤️Carmen

  2. this is not phoenix rising out of the ashes. what i saw their performance against carolina this is what were gonna see next 15 games.

  3. You're right, it's not the end. You have 15 more weeks of this crap.

  4. Folks always chirping about bombing as if that's logical in the game of football, let alone the Dallas scheme. Rodgers completed 1 more pass than Dak and minus a 75 yard run AFTER A 10 YARD PASS by Rodgers his numbers shot up to 286. Eliminate that and Rodgers throws for only 40 more yards than Dak. Receivers have to make plays as well because yardage isn't QBs simply tossing backyard passes.

  5. These guys should've played more in the preseason. War is totally different from training.

  6. I'm as big a cowboys fan as everybody but when our team does bad we need to talk about it without making excuses for it. the "it's only week 1" argument only works because it really is week 1. what happens when we look just as bad in week 2? what's the excuse finna be?

  7. There wasn’t much dak could do being rushed every time he passed the ball. Bad play calling sure. Bad position. Bad blocking. And some bad pssses. All these can be fixed. No worries from me.

  8. The season's not over Cowboys fans.

  9. Let’s just line up I formation and pound the giants !

  10. Excellent video, Law. I really like what you had to say. Absolutely true!



  13. No one mentions the RPO if that worked Sunday. Wasn't this suppose to be a big part of our offense?

  14. here for the long haul…20percenter

  15. Tell em law tell em!!! And in those seasons we won 10+ games

  16. Let me tell y'all why it's not the worst thing… zeke on 15 carries go for 69 yards and a td.. against probably the best team against the run a powerful front 7..even 8.. but do y'all really think every team is going to stop zeke.. hell nah.. we good frfr

  17. $50 to park? That’s insane

  18. Stephan A is a fool. These bastards aint fans. They are weak. I put work in the sandbox. I would have never want most of these cheetos in a foxhole with me. A bunch of pussies.

  19. Your passive attitude frustrates me. We know it's week one. We know it's not the end of the world. "It's still good", however, is what Jason Garrett is saying. BS! The iceberg just punched a hole in our hull. We need to FIX the hole or get out the lifeboats. But THIS team is going down in flames under the current leadership and on the current course. WHO in the world would rather start out slow? You can't "assume" we'll get hot later just because we're starting slow. Jeez. That's idiotic. Start hot and maybe you shown that you can at least GET HOT. I apologize this sounds hostile, Law. I love you, brother, and that's why I'm listening to your channel. But lately, man…You're acting like a total sell out and you sound like a company man making excuses for Jerry and Jason. This is a time for tough talk. Zero tolerance for "starting slow". No patience. We NEED a sense of urgency with this team and we need leadership and a FAN BASE that can help promote that sense of urgency. Winning is the ONLY thing. And we must win NOW. Win Later. And Win in the end. Winning is a HABIT. Not some kind of series of waves. You learn to win and you keep winning. You work hard and you keep working hard. You put your foot on the gas and you don't let up. Time for action in Dallas. Get our act together or we might as well give it up. Damn it. Get harsh, brother. I don't want to see YOU — of all people — sitting there for an hour just smiling and clapping. That's what you did in THIS video, Law. Go back and look at it. We might as well have a little picture of you up beside Jason Garrett — smiling and clapping. "How's it going guys?" Smiling and clapping and making excuses. Bull. Get real. Get serious. Come up with a plan. I rather hear you speculate on how to fix things than just ramble on about how being slow now means we'll get hot later. That patently makes NO sense. Law. Come on, man. I don't ever want to see you embarrass yourself again with this smiling and clapping act. We lost. It sucks. I can't stand a happy loser. Would Bill Parcells have said ANYTHING you said in this video? No. Parcells would be as angry as me, and he'd tell it straight. No smiling and no clapping after a loss, bro.

  20. Why were we in the shotgun so much. That’s not the cowboys I know. And if it wasn’t shotgun it was pistol. Ask any rb they don’t want the qb back there in their zone. Screw a dak friendly offense if that’s what we seen. Get daks ass back under center and a fullback on the damn field. Cmon man get Rico out there on the field to jump over fools.

  21. I will always be a Dallas Cowboy fan win or lose that's my team

  22. So tired of this fans bro either your in or your out !!

  23. Wat up law? freaking annoyed with this clown carrot top aka Mr. CLAPPER. We need a tough coach a leader. Something like kris Richard. A Bill parcels, bill cowher, a tough coach.

  24. We are going to destroy giants ?

  25. It could be worse…see lions and jets game

  26. One thing I know they can't play worse than that. Watch Dallas turn up this yr????

  27. It's not the end of the world. We gon be fine

  28. Hey Law, why can’t Dak throw the ball to save his life?

  29. Romo had the worst coaching in Cowboy's history

  30. What I saw yesterday was sloppy on offense, a young defense, and way too many penalties. Once again Jason Garrett calls an ill-advised time out. Then goes for it on 4th late in the game when he should've punted. I see an offense missing an identity. But what I also saw was a TEAM that did not quit. They fought hard for every inch to the end. I saw some possible talent with Gallup and Thompson at WR. And a defense that emptied their bucket. I have been with THE America's Team for 40 years. And I will say that I am in the corner of My Dallas Cowboys no matter what. And I am looking forward to Sunday Night. let's take it to those  New York Giants. I will be there. So ring that bell. let's rumble. How Bout Them Cowboys.

  31. Too many negative storylines plus bad play calling and an overall younger team leads to what we all saw

  32. Let's tweek some things and we will be alright

  33. Dak needs to learn how to throw the ball to the receiver and not the ground, let's twerk some things, lets go Cowboys.

  34. Real talk…. 6-10 this season no more than 7 wins

  35. I didn't listen to all of your video. I was a fanatic from Landry to Johnson, Tuna. Mo more! I refuse to be crazy for a team that cares nothing for their fans! Get rid of Offensive coaches. Then I will be a fan who cares again.

  36. That is why you are:

    Law "Tom Landry" Nation.

    The most leveled head of them all.

    A real Big Dawg.✊

    The rest and the fake fans…not so much.

    They little pickeneses just…?

  37. All I'm saying Law is the system in Dallas trust worthy I mean why aren't we in the super bowl or a game a away from one you tell me

  38. Lol just because a person is realistic does not make them any less of a fan. Reality and fandom can co-exist. However what is unrealistic and delusional is to watch the same shit year in and year out but expect different results. I don’t have to listen to SAS or skip, my ? tell me all I need to know. Same ole main characters, same ole plot, same ole ending, looks like to me the same. damn. movie.

  39. Jerry iced his team two playoffs ago sitting out Dak and Zeke for 3 weeks before their first NFL playoff game. He iced them again this year sitting out offense for entire preseason. They’ll start clicking in 3 weeks, which may or may not be too late for this season. That’s assuming Linehan and Garrett can be innovative. Right now they’re painfully predictable. Predictable + no established chemistry = disaster.

  40. There will always be ban wagon fans. No question about it. However i have issues with our offense. Ive been a fan since i was a kid and present at every home game. I believe Dak should run the read option. Here's why. We all know Dak not a gunslinger as Tony Romo. Let Dak use his legs along with Zeke. In the Panthers game, on the drive with the 8 points, Dak used his legs, Zeke got a few yards and passes was completed down field. Its hard to guard Dak and Zeke on the read option and passing the ball down field. That's the offense we should be running my opinion.

  41. You're free to have all the "delusional" thoughts you want, but when cowboys fans decide to use those delusions as arguing points in sports debates with other fans they should expect some blowback. So when someone tells me rico is the next gronk (despite never playing a down, and not understanding the playbook), or tavon Austin is going to be unstoppable (despite being very stoppable in every offense he's ever been in) …I'm going to call them out when all their delusional fantasies are smashed to pieces by reality. Has anyone heard of deonte Thompson here before the cowboys got him? That should be a clue that he's just a dime a dozen guy in the nfl. These guys aren't going to magically be better just cause some fans wish it or because they put on a dallas uniform. Delusions belong in your head not out your mouth.

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