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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. look at the schedule daks first season easy money thats y u shouldve given tony his job back! period!

  2. BIG PROPS to you guys! really awesome to see and hear intelligent,devoted,intense footballers discussing BIG BOY FOOTBALL simply for the love of the game!!! same reason i enjoy the COLLEGE sports experience over the PRO's…….it hasn't been corrupted yet!…….at least not completely! ;- } GB

  3. The parts where you all commented on Dak was pretty good. I know teams have forced him to do what he's not good at this past season.Rolling left.He didn't clean up his footwork from year one.Not throwing missles,and a long delivery,it was the trifecta of death for him,and he's gonna get more of the same until he can make defenses pay

  4. Hello all.I heard alot of emphasis put on veteran leadership through out the show.Is that maybe a little overrated?In 1991, when we got young like we're doing now,who was the veteran leadership on that team? Maybe Bill Bates unless I am forgetting somebody

  5. Only 1 minute 30 seconds into this and knowledge was dropped!!! Loving this already!!!

  6. AKOYE is lit fam! He did it the right way. Mark does not look at film like that. Sorry. he is a hype man. My Guys are Voch, Law, AKOYE. Yet, I have seen non-Cowboys fans break Dez down too and they agree. If I want breaking news I pay attention to someone else besides Mark. He tries to stir shit up! PFF is a great sources, Sports Chat, Brian Broadus, Dane Brugler. But, Voch, AKOYE and LAW are great resources.

  7. Mark… how is Dez gonna break out with Dak though?!?! lmao!! NO hating on Dak. The way we drafted our receivers should tell you what they think about Dak. And how Mark talked about Dez though as if he was washed up is disrespectful to the MAN that is Dez Bryant. Thank you AKOYE!! @20:00

  8. No we did not look worse than the Browns. We never have. And I was alive to watch Jerry Jones take a dying team in the 80s and ashes in the early 90s to a Dynasty. Voch was talking about this. Romo and Dez…those were his years. But, just because your old does not men you know what your talking about. And Mark does that shit all the time and is in the wrong. The lack of understanding in personnel groupings, scouting and X's and O's is what drives me crazy. And he goes in almost Skip Bayless style to draw in clicks and destroy our players reputation. Some of the isshh he says is ridiculous.

  9. It's not about taking subscribers. Mark just irritates me with his lack of understanding on personnel groupings, scouting or non of that. I am not saying he is not a real Cowboys fan, we know he is. I don't like he did Tony or Dez. The root cause of Mark's issue is Dak. I love me some Dak. Dak is a BOSS and our QB. I believe in Dak. But, I was a subscriber of Mark when he had like 2K. And I watched his channel evolve. Dak was the rising of Mark's channel as all those collegiate Dak fans that entered Cowboys Nation. Dak pumped Dak so hard. He is sensitive is over Dak. And this cat Mark does be starting shit in his Titles.

  10. Great show Law, but Mark Holmes on that BS fam. lol

  11. Marks all about the money

  12. maybe witt should play one more year and let emmitt smith be interim guest commentator on MNF until witt wins a super bowl and retires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

  13. This was a great rivalry Akoye and Mark got going. Mark didn't like that video and now I cant find it but it was funny as hell. What it did do though is get a ton of hours for Law Nation. SO the winner is….Law Nation! haha Good shit guys. Better than ESPN's "Clowns!" As Mark Holmes would say. Keep the rivalry going. Good for ratings!

  14. This was a great great great show guys! Freaking awesome!

  15. I love when men get along. We all bleed silver and blue. God bless all of you as you pursue your goals and dreams. #godallascowboys

  16. Good to see my guys chop it up..full disclaimer Im a mark Holmes disciples … But I can only keep it 100 I found myself on his blog (Akoye) in disagreement about Dez… name calling quickly insued but Akoye shut it down immediately and was able to have a real convo without any further interruptions as such…so now I follow both so keep up the good work both of u guys….when I think cowboy after games I quickly check for you guys post!!!! Keep that in mind fellas!!

  17. Holmes is a bandwagon bitch.

  18. Mark Holmes is the more like the grandmother, not The Godfather.

  19. Our fanbase needs to stick together. Can we all just get along?

  20. I definitely plan on meeting you brothers at a tailgate this year. Hey Law you got the voice my brother but wait until the one & only trthegreatone speaks! Peace my brothers✊🏿! #GoCowboys!!

  21. DeQuinton Osborne = John Randle. I’m looking forward to seeing him in the preseason. Hope he makes the team!

  22. Love how they both talked it out like grown men I salute you both #DC4L

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