The Dallas Cowboys 2018 Draft Review | Voch Lombardi & Law Nation

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  1. Salute to Law for having me. Salute to the nation. Cowboy up. Doskie Woskie

  2. I got mad respect for Lombardi and his knowledge. The exact opposite of Law. Talking alot and saying more.

  3. Part of arm talent is accuracy. Dak is not accurate so his arm talent is lacking.

  4. Lombardi does homework. Law, does not.

  5. Lombardi knows his stuff. Law, im still waiting for him to give me something.

  6. They should've taken Nyhiem Hines in the 3rd round instead of Michael Gallup💯 They should've taken Tim Settles in the 4th instead of Dorance Armstrong💯 I really wanted them to draft Obo Okoronkwo, he would have been a great wlb, he was drafted in the 5th

  7. Let's get some things straight, I don't give a flying F about Dallas Cowboys haters. I don't go to any other teams sites, because it's not worth one second of my time. I don't give a damn about who they drafted or signed. Because it don't mean squat until they get on the field and play. I don't concern myself with any other teams PERIOD. I don't go there to start hate, because that's not a Dallas Cowboys site. But if they choose to waste their time, this shows me all I need to know about them.

  8. Cowboys fans got spoiled with Romo on a lot of fronts.

  9. Lb Chris Covington from IU want it even make it out of camp as the DE from Kansas, Dallas went for need and and stead of the best palyer available!

  10. Jessie Bates the III is gonna make the draft scouting team cry!

  11. Draft was okay last year was better but the Cowboys had the same typical needs DT, S, LB, and WR TE. The cowboys have to find players in the later rounds like NE and develop them and get rid of there big time players before they max out! My cousin play for wide receiver for Boise State Octavius Evans.

  12. What do u guys think of their UDFA’s ? & does Chris Richard make any dif in influencing the CB’s to come here?

  13. Voch, man, you fussed about Mark and Law draggin' you in to fuss at people all weekend. XD

  14. salute to both of you guys

  15. VOCH & LAW are straight up truth! You the A team of Cowboy Knowledge! Do your thing and lead this Cowboy Nation!✊🏻♠️

  16. B- draft just don't like the day 3 picks and our 1st round pick but it addresses need. Wilson and bo in the 6th 7th round were good picks tho.

  17. Bo reminds me some of LeGarrett Blount. I think him and Elliott can be bad a_s teaming with Rod Smith this year! They have a trio of very strong rbs who can make the extra yards? ……….Bruises !!!  Bruises !!!  who cares who loses?!!!! ………

  18. Your boy Austin is small @ 5'9  178  but he averaged 6.7 per carry in five years with the Rams. Give him the ball 7-8 times a game and he'll make some big plays !!!

  19. Damn you guys see Mike White's numbers last year?….. He was sacked 44 times and he did all that?…. We got ourselves a backup qb gentlemen. We just need a veteran qb for a couple years and White will be ready. The draft guides agree White has the goods.

  20. Law, Ced Wilson from BSU is actually 6 foot 3

  21. Cedrick Wilson is 6'3"

  22. We picked up some really good UDFAs tho, you should check out DeQuinton Osborne DT – Oklahoma St, Kameron Kelly S – SDSU, Kyle Quiero DB – Northwestern, Ed Shockley LB – Villanova, and Joel Lanning LB – Iowa St. I like these guys I think they will be competitors.

  23. What’s Doskie Woski mean?

  24. Hay Voch, why were you hanging with Mr. Lame Mark Holmes.

  25. We stirring the soup!!!…….”private joke”

  26. As a Cowboy and Football nerd, this video was freaking amazing

  27. VOSH got any aspirations for working like Broadus does 4 the team? Least ud b getting paid 4 ur hobby!

  28. Broskee woooskeee! Y’all way to close (4hrs away from each other) not to do one of these at LEAST once a month.

  29. Dudes! Y’all realize right that THIS is a classic!!! Man what insight! I’m stoking y’all on Twitter right now man! THANK U!! Can’t wait 4 your more in depth individual player breakdowns! Please give us an update on signed UDFAs the Boys will sign!👍

  30. great job guiyes really looking forward to these draft pick selections and what they will do to contribute to this team although will Hernandez fell down to the giants i feel pretty good all around looking forward to training camp

  31. Giants O-line was like a line a parking cones before they got Hernandez, and ain't much better after the draft than they were before the draft.

  32. Voch look like he can start at tackle with that technique and footwork.

  33. Damn Jerry on that powder.He had Rashan Evens and Shaquem Griffith in his hands. Those 2 badass players would be terrorizing QB for a long time.

  34. Niners fan here. I was just talking about y’all hookin up in laws live chat earlier today. That’s a trip. Love the scouting videos.

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