The Dallas Cowboys | This DEFENSE Will Be Ready!!!

Byron Jones Will Be Ready To Play This Year!!! Cowboys Fans & Others Speak Your MIND!!! 1-866-217-1966 Silver&Blue Nation …


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  1. This defense looks like a HORNETS NEST and

  2. Great Vid! Go Cowboys!

  3. Richard should bring out the Best in Jones, as well as the rest of the secondary no doubt! But my question remains now as it was before the last 2 drafts. We Lack impact players @ DT not named Irving, Collins hasnt proven to be able to stay healthy. I think that is where a late preseason trade will take place. I like the talent we have everywhere else,. But We could be a lot stronger in the Middle!

  4. Byron 2 GUNS jonse baby!!!!

  5. You damm right bro we true to this not new to This??????????????

  6. We should be a good football team

  7. Ayyyyeeee law with the swag love that intro

  8. coming to you soon – Dallas Dynasty Ascension – Doomsday Resurrection

  9. You Cowboys fans are all smoking meth if you think you actually have a shot against the Eagles this year

  10. This defense is coming… Ain't nobody see it.. Go C Boys!

  11. This motherfucker crazy for cowturds. So delusional

  12. Following you from Southern Mississippi.

  13. Byron has measurement and physical tools, but does he have ball hawk skills and turnover knack? Carr, Mo and Scandrick didn't have that- we badly missing that and we wanted new DBs that gives us that. in fairness to Jones, its' a new and extensive learning process for Jones, so it could take some time to adjust. See what B-J is like at season's end.

  14. Took you long enough to start the video

  15. I can see Kris Richard taking Garrett s coaching job…AND DATS A FUSHOW!!!!!!!FU SHO!!!!!

  16. I didn't know James Harden was a cowboys fan

  17. He was a Corner since the beginning probably better than Claiborne and Carr….. the coaches misused him at safety for 3 yrs!!! Just like Ryan Switzer. This Coaches Suck!!

  18. Wtf is he doing in the beginning of the video now I’m mad what is this

  19. I know stats can be deceiving. A team can be ranked 23rd and it could be because they were missing key defensive players. Dallas ranked #8 per ESPN while NFL had them at #13 in 2018. That shows me they’re right that if they can build on last year’s defensive improvement that this season could be the season where the defensive play might exceed the play of the offense.

  20. Idk about doomsday defence 2.0 these players have enough to try and live up to they have to look at legends every day give them something of there own make them every team scared LAW LEWIS, AWUZIE,WOODS LAYING THAT WOOD NOW FOR REAL!!! And the whole defence forget dooms day I'm gonna call them the rapture defence cuz they ending everyone's world this season!

  21. I swear law the beats u be playing i spit verses to them they go hard bro!!!

  22. ……….The Hawk game in week 15 stands out to me. Wilson the playmaking pro bowl qb manages just 60 yards passing with their season on the line?……….

  23. Kris Richard got fired for a reason STFU

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