Damien Wilson and Leighton Vander Esch week 2 | Film Session 4k ᴴᴰ

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  1. i was affraid he'll be just another athlete with soft tackling skill but man… everything seems to stick to this mans hands

  2. It seemed like everyone missed atleast 1 tackle on Barkley except LVE every time I saw him get his hands on Barkley that was a wrap he didnt make another yard. I hated the LVE pick but I do like what I have seen from him so far

  3. Vander Esch will get better

  4. I don't want to be dramatic but jaylon smith looks like he can play safety. He was so deep flipping his hips. At one point in the game he was covering Odell running stride for stride. Damien Wilson is athletic as well. Hopefully they keep this up. LVE looks solid in coverage and run defense

  5. I saw Thomas making a lot of plays

  6. Pronounced Lay-Ton
    Not Lathan

  7. Hope we don’t lose Kris Richard to a HC job somewhere else dude can coach and he’s making our defense a whole lot better teams already wanted to take will McClay from us they’ll want to take kris richard too

  8. LVE 27 snaps… 7 solo tackles. (If whole game that's a avg of 14 tackles)

  9. Awesome breakdown, thanks!

  10. Great work BROTHER!!! A lot of people turned there Nose up at this pick this year. I kinda did it in the moment,then I went back and watched his tape the kid can play. Jaylon Smith and LEV are the future of this team. The future looks bright

  11. The Dallas defensive front 7 is going to dominate.

  12. Damien was FUCKIN FLYIN when he sacked Eli!

  13. Good breakdown Law. I was happy to see Wilson put some good film down against the Giants because he was pretty bad in week 1. Several times he broke contain on an RPO and gave up big rushing yards to Cam. LVE is impressing so far.

  14. I think LVE should be a starter

  15. I think a lot of "fans" made huge fools of themselves with all their moaning and groaning about LVE being taken as our 1st pick. If they had waited he'd have been gone, and we HAVE to be able to replace Sean Lee before too many more years.

  16. Good Stuff law congrats on another great video bro

  17. Man our defense is really growing into something special

  18. You're good, brother!
    I like your breakdowns.

  19. Man you are on point and glad you noticed that about LVE and wasn't just me get em boys!!!

  20. Our Linebackers played much better vs the Giants, LVE made some solid tackles vs Barkley which is no easy task. Glad to see X-Woods is back in the house, there is no reason our running game cannot pound the Seahawks as our O-Line is starting to jell !!

  21. LVE has the entire package physically. He just needs to stay healthy.

  22. They both been had it they just needed the right coach

  23. great breakdown of the lbs

  24. It’s Leighton not Lathan.

  25. Great video and excellent breakdown, regardless of this year's outcome, I am excited seeing this team build a young talented core. This defense is going to be great. I believe D. Lawrance will be a superstar. That front line and linebacker core will continue to improve with experience. We have some serious raw speed now also. Different sport, but they remind me of the 2015 Chicago Cubs in a way, one could see the future greatness. As the Cowboys continue to build this great young core, it will then be easier to add the remaining pieces of the puzzle that will bring home another Super Bowl trophy. People can say what they want about Jerry, but he does build winners. I am old enough to remember all that Jerry Jones has done for this organization, he bought a terrible franchise, and just a few years later was trotting out arguably the best NFL team ever the 92' 93' cowboys (I miss Emmitt.) Ride Em' Cowboys!

  26. LVE is showing his worth, great film breakdown

  27. Great front seven team play and gang tackling from the defense.

  28. Man bro love these break down film you do. Keep doing what you do.

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