Live Law Nation Review of The Dallas Cowboys VS 49ers Game

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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. it was strategic they do not like your shine

  2. Look at this way, you go so big that the NFL is watching you! and you have better ratings.

  3. Law
    Keep your head & watch the language or it just may be the next tool or rule they use

    Players, coaches, drivers, hunters, students, people in general have to follow the rules

    Your use of profanity expressing your clear anger & frustration is not an example of your quotes you're quoting

    Idk the specific rules on whatever means of media you use but I DO know profanity must be edited

    You're risking much by use if profanity

    I love your shows & will hate losing you
    You're admitting alcohol use while taping/stresming & it's coming out through anger

    I'm a man of God 1st & everything else secondary
    Society is against any/everythingbthat threatens the status quo

    Rise above & know that young impressionable minds are tuning in to your shows brother from another mother
    Watch your language
    These Manuel dudes will follow you to use all your content to cumulatively take you down permanently

    I'm warning you in order to have you TO follow CONTINUALLY, not to make you feel worse

    Love you brother
    I know it still hurts but anchor yourself, refocus, & prevail young man

  4. Ayy bruh I'm subbed to you here too hit me back

  5. Law I find u they can't stop us

  6. You'll be aright man. Just a temporary set back. "When the storm comes just know it always has to end."

  7. Law been watching you for long long time your the best I’m always gonna tune in you gotta be live like 95 soon

  8. Free my brotha law nation from the YouTube police

  9. N.F.L.=[N]iggardly [F]anatical [L]iars PROTECTING THEY SHIELD LOL!!YA-VOL YA-VOL??

  10. Damn my brother…… Sending great positive energy to you and THE NATION. We riding with you.

  11. Dam law sorry to hear but u will just fine my brother we will all follow u over here. But how bout the boys a man the first team look really good we could not have asked for a better start to the season the o line looked grate all the backs an dal an the wide outs looked good an for the d the first team was vary good to the second team guys on the O looked week but not cam Fleming he still looked good an the 2 team D they were a little weak. the only person I saw have a bad game was LVE BUT THAT'S OK HE HAS one of the hardest pos to learn as a rookie so don't go crazy everyone he will b ok but I was vary impressed by coner Williams.he opened some big holes on that side. An I think we are a 12 win team if we can stay healthy

  12. Law keep your head up bro! I still following you! You my guy! I’m subscribed to 2.0 November

  13. Hay fuck it law ever one go tell every one get there ass over here an sub we going to get you back up big dog keep ur head up bro

  14. It’s ok law…. The Cowboys are too big even Preseason game

  15. We still rockin with you Law!!!

  16. Keep your head up Law and stay positive. Keep showing out for the boys. #DC4L

  17. Keep your Head up #LAWNATION it's going to be alright!!🏈🏈""How About Them Cowboys""🏈🏈 🏈🏈""DC4LIFE""🏈🏈

  18. We still with ya Law !

  19. Hell yea Law you’ll be back on ur feet in no time

  20. Yo law you got this at least you weren’t at 100k when they took you down! 1 year from now you will be back on top

  21. Keep your head up we got you law

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