The Dallas Cowboys Blue & White Game 2018

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  1. Tavon austin Cowboys fan! Morgantown, Wv

  2. I've been a Dallas Cowboys fan for over 20 years. So I was a fan when we were winning super bowls. But I've learned not to eat what they've been feeding. Every year they make the fan base believe that this is the year. And every time they come up short. I like the young group we have but I'm gonna wait and see how things turn out after week 4.

  3. I been having Daks back all off season. But I dont care if its practice or the superbowl your a nfl qb. He needs to all ways be on point. This performance by him isn't acceptable.

  4. I knew you wouldn't let us down with the scrimmage footage. Ive been wanting to see it since it happend

  5. James harden is a cowboys fan???

  6. I'm talking about other players and certain liberal journalists

  7. Just a note for all you fans who continue to hate on Dak. Not all players are great at practice, also not all players take practice the same way. Some use practice to see what they can get away with, some use it as to the limitations of the actual play, and some use it to see if they are capable of making all the throws. late or otherwise. I know it is difficult for some of you to grasp this, however there is a lot of practice and situation things we don't see. Please stop using the over saturation that we are allowed to make unsound judgments of a young player entering his third year this time for the first time with the offense really geared to his skill set. Or so they are telling us. #GoCowboys #LawDog #RunZekeRun

  8. This offense line going to make are defensive line elite!!!!! Love that comment soft taco ? ?

  9. You sound like the guy from tps

  10. Man ward and Kelly should make this team as the 5th cb and 4th safety.

  11. Brown could of had more picks last year lol

  12. Dak is amazing with rpo let's use it more.

  13. The anthem is about the flag,about America,,

  14. What jersey should I buy 4 or 21 and what color ,from Oregon btw so been thinking. Blue since it's away but love the white tho .opinions?

  15. Dak is Garbage! 2 interceptions is unacceptable.

  16. im trying not to get excited, now is our defense looking good because that's going to be our defense against other teams or does our defense look good because they are playing against our offense ??? our first test will be against the Panthers I can't wait

  17. If wale play TE who will play FB

  18. Shout out from here in southern WV.. So yu already know I love Tavon and if they put him in the best places I guarantee hell be a huge addition he can score anytime he touches it

  19. Download the cowboys app and go to roster and ull c all the names and numbers of the players there even the ones they signed last week

  20. Tbh, maybe the cowboys aren’t dead yet, cooper rush could be the new Romo.

  21. We're do u get your film from ?

  22. Looks like ya have more of a qb controversy than us ??‍♂️??

  23. A Cooper Rush Jersey??? LOL!

  24. Law, they were scared to put cooper week 17.

  25. I think most people are now attacking Dak cause he is a Patriot and realized taking a knee is just making people angry and turning on football,Dak speaks his mind and a bunch of scumbags turn on him ,pussies like the game who isn't half the man Dak is ,as a vet I understand what our Flag stands for I've seen all the dead brothers coffins it came home wrapped around,when disrespect it you disrespect all the good men and women who gave thier lives,sorry but it had to be said

  26. LAW I do love your comments on that last INT….keeping it real. Thanks Brother.

  27. I said this for months. Dak is not accurate and has poor ball placement not to mention he's late on passes and is not confident making difficult throws. LAW no more excuses for Dak, no more. Cooper Rush had the same vanilla offense and out played Dak. It's very clear how Dak is playing in camp and doesn't have the talent or natural talent to get to the next level. You know QB's have the game slow down in year 3-4 and all we hear are excuses for poor passes from Dak that Cooper makes without issues. You practice how you play like all great coaches know.


  29. Dan wat are you doing baby lol

  30. This doesn't come as surprise to me and i haven't watch it yet

  31. I’ll start the QB controversy. Already saw a request for a number Seven Jersey.
    It’s only right. Rush for seven oughta be our team motto this year. Which reminded nds me I wanna see the defense score a buncha points and rush QB s

  32. You look like James harden


  34. Say Law
    This is from Starkville, MS aka Starkvegas home of the MSST Bulldogs ,,,,the House DAT Dak built ?
    SHOUTOUT 2ya brother & SALUTE!!!
    I just have a great feel that the organization is testing the defense & deliberately be methodical with the offense
    Purposely being bland offensively while TRUELY getting the young defense up & running
    Now of course we'd love to see our offense being dominant but scout are out as well as fans
    Then Dak has NEVER EVER been a practice guy but thank GOD he shows up when it mattwrs
    I feel Dak's processing/analyzing his receivers more than focusing on execution
    That's not a knock on him at all
    I watch several teams practices & training film
    They're all remarkablybland or vanilla?
    I know you wanna see everything clicking
    In 1breath you say you'd prefer Dallas not taking the lead & in the next you're getting on them for not showing out
    I'm a DALLAS DIEHARD for 53+yrs now
    Technically 57-1/2yrs counting my DALLAS DIEHARD mother's womb I was conceived in?
    We be fine young man
    Trust the process you so valiantly defend week in & week out

  35. I don't expect consistently great performances from Dak during this stage of the league year. Timing development is more crucial with so many new tools. Dak has never had this much speed at his disposal, and neither has Jason Garrett.


  37. Before the Haters start…..Fan since the Landry days, Danny white and the 1-15 season

  38. Nope! Not supporting them. ?

  39. Law Yes They Released Him & Then Brought Him Back Trey Williams #34

  40. How is dak looking?

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