Dallas Cowboys VS Cardinals Final Thoughts ?

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  1. You'll see better play from the same players, in the Houston game. Different approach, different system of situations. Last game was under pressure situations, a lot of info came from that.

  2. You see Kris Rishard go off on them boys on the side line… damn that had me wanting to jump through the screen and play some ball.

  3. You see Kris Rishard go off on them boys on the side line… damn that had me wanting to jump through the screen and play some ball.

  4. I would not b shocked if we hav a bad year n I wouldn't b mad period

  5. Give me our starters vs theirs then I'll judge them more thoroughly. I feel what you saying tho

  6. Law you the man bro….but stop….Lance Lenoir is trin-ash!!!

  7. Kris Richard's backups have yielded every lead we had in the first 2 games
    Fitzgerald & other key offensive starters Were held out for Ariz too

    We just need quality depth on both sides of the ball

    Our defense DOES look good to potentially great
    It only yielded 17 puts while our offense & ST gave them 8 turnovers
    Pretty impressive but does negate 2 games they lost prior to this game that our offense had secured

    I honestly hope we show as little in preseason as possible
    As long as WE know & veil it from the Panthers & other early season games
    I'm concerned about our coaching staff until proven otherwise

    It was virtually impossible to evaluate much on offense due to int's & fumbles etc
    No need to panic tho Law, each team will cut & trade very decent starters & backups in a little over a week now

    Thx Law
    Man, I love your passion & love for the Cowboy Nation

  8. Anybody seen Mark?!?!?! ????

  9. So with the #1 overall pick pretty much in the bag, what position should we draft?

  10. Jason Garrett clappin ass need to be on the HOT seat!!

  11. Didn’t Dallas go 0-4 in 2014 and 2016 1-3?

  12. I was trying to add in there Michael Gallup David Irving Gregory number 22 his name was Smith . Jaylon Smith and Rod Smith. Putting that cowboy blue on the map

  13. Don't trip law don't. Zeke Dak Sean Lee My Guy Brian Jones Xavier we good. Let's talk about that 1992-1995

  14. Why oh why cowboys don't upgrade the backup QB? Rush is trash! Them boys need to be of the phone to the Jets pronto!

  15. For years us loyal fans have said our depth on this team is crap. Lee would go down and the defense falls apart. Why? Shouldnt happen

  16. Moves I'd like to see us make. The obvious trade for Earl Thomas.
    A move for Teddy Bridgewater. I'd feel a lot better with him behind Dak then the other 2.
    And adding a receiver or a tight end. I like Rico, but the others seem lost. With receivers all I see is Hurns, Beas, and Gallup. I wouldn't be upset to see the other 4 cut. Williams, Austin, Thompson, and Lenior are 3rd and 4th string guys.

  17. Law don’t stress about it. A writer for the cowboys wrote that statistically our first team offense and defense beat their opponents for four quarters and one series.
    The pro writers are keeping tab. I appreciate your website but keep your panties on ok. Our first team on both sides will be better than their opponents. That’s even without zeke.
    True though they need to get better backups but it’s tough with salary cap. Every team has an exceptional backups and also not so good.
    I’ll write you again after the season starts. Keep posting your videos but keep calm it’s the friggin preseason!

  18. The Ravens are amazing, there second team beat the shit out of Miami’s 1st team, and continued to kick em with there third team. Sorry to not say the same about the Cowboys.

  19. This is all on Will McClay, the depth on this team is shit. We all no what wins in the nfl, DEPTH ON THE ROSTER.

  20. None of Dallas WRS is not better than Daz, Dallas go get a WR.

  21. Patrick Peterson let all of fans know the cowboys receivers suck ass , Allen Hurns jumping off sides man this team is in trouble

  22. So who is screaming for Rush to start over Dak now?

  23. Stright up fire Jason Garret the dude is a fucking clown. I am sick and tired of this bullshit 9 turnovers and all you say is we have alot of work to do? wtf? How come every mother fucking time we hear the same stupid ass excuse we play bad. Grow a pair of balls and take responsibity Jason. Chris Reshard=Dallas Cowboys new Head Coach. The guy knows how to fire up a team and make them play to the best of there abilitys much like Jimmy Johnson.

  24. Is It time to panic? God that was awful. Maybe we need to drop all the 3rd string players and Rush. I think Dallas needs to reconsider Earl Thomas.

  25. Ill give you my final thoughts. 3 points thats my final thought

  26. I agree Law ..

  27. we have less depth then a blow up kiddie pool

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