Should we be worried about Amari Cooper’s left ankle?

Remain calm as we discuss Amari Cooper’s ankle..

A lot have people have noted that new Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper had a concussion issue during his last game with the Raiders when they took on the Seahawks in London. From all accounts that isn’t anything to worry about.

Something that’s at least worth paying attention to might be at the opposite end of Amari’s body, his ankles. Did you know that Amari has exited the field in four out of the last 10 games he’s played because of issues concerning his left ankle? Watch.

Of the four games in question the oldest was November of last season and two of them took place in September. That’s certainly not anything to high-five each other about, but it’s not exactly the end of the world either.

It’s also worth noting that the latest instance referenced here was the September 30th game that Amari played against the Browns. In that game he saw what is so far a season-high 12 targets and reeled in eight of them for 128 yards and his only touchdown on the year despite the ankle issue taking place late in the first quarter.

Overall there are always things worth looking at and keeping in mind with players, and maybe Amari’s left ankle is on that list. But there doesn’t seem to be any significant reason to fret, plus if Amari was dealing with any sort of issue he’s going to have two whole bye weeks to get right before his first action as a member of the Cowboys.

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