The Dallas Cowboys | Silver&Blue Law Nation and The Dallas Prospect Ep: 20

With a new contract looming for Dak Prescott after this season, the Cowboys starting QB has reportedly switched agents. In other news, Jaylon Smith’s cryptic …


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. let's go dallas cowboys There you go make sure you tell them to subscribe to my video and you can subscribe to my

  2. The are going to win 4 out of the next 5 SB games in the next 5 seasons

  3. The Cowboys on both offensive and defensive side of the field is going to rank top 3 in the NFL

  4. The Cowboys run defense is going to be rank #1 or 2 in the NFL

  5. Cowboys is going rank in the top 3 in NFL defense

  6. The Cowboys offensive line is the best in the NFL

  7. Dak is going to be better at QB and is going win more SB games for the Dallas Cowboys

  8. Dak is definitely better than Kirk Cousins

  9. Dak is going to be better than Arron Rodgers and Drew Breeze, and is going to win more SB games

  10. Dak Prescott is a good quarterback, I personally believe he would have had a down year if it was for Ezekiel Elliot being out and the Offensive line not playing up to par. Some would say he has to be good regardless. Well, Brady who is not a mobile quarterback depends on an offensive line to be great. BRADY get all the credit when the line has a lot to do with His success. If Dak has a line that performs consistently and real descent wide receiver he can be just as great.

  11. Damn man that was a good show. I wish I had been there to debate with y’all. Voch asked what it is about Garrett that we don’t like…I’ll give it to ya. He doesn’t make in game adjustments, he doesn’t hold players accountable, he doesn’t light the fire in people’s hearts or asses when needed. I’m not saying he’s a bad coach but he is better off coaching YMCA where everyone gets a trophy.

  12. Thanks for watching!!!! The Dallas Cowboys | Silver&Blue Law Nation and The Dallas Prospect Ep: 20

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