The Dallas Cowboys | Xavier “Weapon X” Woods Film Session 4k ᴴᴰ

X- Woods will be ready for the new system….. This channel (((Law Nation))) primarily consists of NFL Film Session + Breakdown and Reviews of complete NFL …


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


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  2. Hey Law!!! I was just thinking about you! I would love it if you watched a Dak Prescott video I made! I'd love any feedback on it! Thanks man!

  3. I was ecstatic wit the Woods draft pic, I have watch this team pass up 2 many of my fav safeties over the years, & most of them have gone on 2 b stars !! I dont understand why this team continues 2 devalue the safety spot ! But Woods has the talent, desire, & FB IQ 2 change all that ?

  4. Nice vid, Billy D but what kills me is these fans from the "ops" that come on Cowboys channels just to hate, every chance they get… # Marks..

  5. Xavier woods is a diamond in a rough ..

  6. Props to sean lee for running a proper pick for dlaw. Too many guys just run through a gap instead of actually knocking the tackle off.

  7. Ohhhhh man Law I like that play I never saw a play like that where sean lee kicked the tackle out so Lawrence can come in the inside and get at Ryan yea rod was on point with that one I hope to see a shit load of plays like that this year

  8. Weapon X????Really!!! That's B-DAWK nickname! Gotta comeup with something else!lol but I give you props for using my favorite NFL PRIMETIME music highlight theme song!

  9. He went to my high school and one of his old coaches told me if they just let him play, he'll be a pro bowler

  10. Law great feel for the ball and space! Wish he was longer but he is fast enough and smart too!! Thank you bro 808Yong

  11. if Lee squeeze down earlithen that play is made in the backfiei

  12. Man I can’t wait for the season to start so many different players out there with tremendous upside

  13. That first vid was as much about Brown who was a super steal in the draft too

  14. This dude was such a steal….the Cowboys are really smart to be able to identify this guy

  15. Decent dime-coverage. Depends on the type of qb you’re playing against also. Need more physical play from our corners this year. Some more Frazier too.

  16. If it's not coaching its player suspension..the moment they click the same yr.,we got us 1…

  17. Great as always Law! Defense about to be ELITE this year!

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