Why Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is uniquely positioned to succeed with no No. 1 receiver

Dak Prescott is uniquely positioned to succeed … This channel (((Law Nation))) primarily consists of NFL Film Session + Breakdown and Reviews of complete …


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  1. I wonder why they decided not to continue to develop Jameill Showers and he wasn't nowhere near the fuck up that Cooper Rush is. They only ALLOWED Showers to stay on the team if he agreed to go play a position that he had never played before in Safety.

  2. Well, this is what Massa had to say about his current starting QB in Dak Prescott.

    “Dak was so fortunate to be able to get those snaps, and one of the reasons he was able to get those snaps is if we didn't have a veteran quarterback out there to take them,” Jones said. “Had we had a veteran quarterback after Romo went down, and we had had an obvious place to go with one that we thought would give us a better opening game quarterback, Prescott would have never got to see the light of day, more than likely.”

  3. Dak might have chemistry with a certain receiver and develop his #1receiver next yr. Not by title#1 but by chemestry

  4. Dink and dunk = win and win

  5. Dak is make or break with the performance of elliot period

  6. Facts!!! We got this Dak can get it done this is going to be a good year for real Dallas fans Zekkkkkk🍴

  7. Losing Dez is gonna be GREAT! In year 2 it was obvious he was trying to force the ball to him, even when not open or double teamed etc etc

  8. Bro, keep us in the loop when you go Live and have a debate with Raiders420 . For real lol

  9. As long as Zeke do what he do dak will be successful. Ball gets spread off Zeke work daks a bumb

  10. He's not a one dimensional QB period!!!

  11. All the bashing of Dak?….., with his 6 rushing tds he accounted for 28 tds last year without two of his starting offensive linemen gone from his rookie year. Elliott missed 6 games as well? Did he really regress?………

  12. Prescott in his first two full seasons ( 2016-17 ) =   17  ints    Tony Romo  in his first two full seasons ( 07-08 )  =  33   ints

  13. Damn str8 facts Willie Mac…about time someone actually realizes what we doing over here….

  14. Did you really do a video asking which QB is the most conservative passer? DAK!!! That's how I know all of you are bandwagon. You just like the Cowboys brand. Nothing to do with football…

  15. Be on the l👀kout for an explosive offense!!

  16. 6 games without td 8 games under 200 yards passing. How the fuck is that elite? I asked Mark Holmes dumb ass but he couldn't answer nor refute.

  17. Sssh shut up don't tell the haters that willie

  18. I bet dollars to donuts he won't have all them pic's this year

  19. Dez was putting far too much pressure on Dak as a young QB.. Romo dealt with his tantrums better because Romo was more experienced and dealt with TO previously.

  20. And remember your listening to nothing but the best…gives me the chills🤓

  21. Yepper……….I've been saying this exact same thing. When forced to have to get the ball to one WR Dak struggled. He was way more relaxed playing his game and spreading the ball around. It keeps Defenses honest not knowing who is going to get the ball. Geez, it's a common sense. Our Offense was in a sense held hostage by Dez Bryant and Jason Witten to a degree. It's time for new blood and a new show altogether!

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