The Dallas Cowboys “X” Dez Bryant You Need To Keep Your Head!!!

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  1. Law, when you realize Dez is a ghetto punk who never learned what is or isn't appropriate or proper in society. Let it go. Let him go back to drugs or the hood where he belongs.

  2. My mentor once told me that if you're the biggest thing in your personal circle, then your circle is too small. But this emotional outburst from Dez is due to a lack of accountability. Or a lack of a person who can call you out on your bs and truly hold you accountable. I believe a lot of this could have been avoided if some of these people had been kept in Dez's corner to advise him of what to do.

  3. Law…
    This was a great and emotional broadcast… I appreciated everything you said..
    However, personally.. I am extremely happy that Bryant is no longer a Cowboy…
    He's been as disruptive to the Boyz since 2013-14 on and off the field..
    He missed many meetings, practices and sessions with Prescott.. that he took serious with Romo… It didn't matter if Dez liked or disliked Dak Prescott.. He did not respect him as his QB.!

    I COULDN'T STAND THE SIGHT OF DEZ BRYANT.! The "All Or Nothing" doc only solidified my reasons why! But it was the 2016 game against the NY g-ANTS that made my mind up that he had to go.!!

    So, it's easy for me to say I didn't love him where everyone else say the do.!
    I wish him well as long as he's not in a Cowboys uniform again.!

  4. DEZ, head up, mouth shut.


  5. Appreciate the knowledge Law you always dropping gems!

  6. Man that don't make no sense he said his name pacifically yeah he said Whitten 2 but Whitten has a job so of course that man wants to clear his name and point out the truth and he ain't wrong. All that man had to do was say receivers in his ear

  7. Love your passion Law, Dez dose look like he’s losing it. Love you bruh. Don’t be brainwashed #Trump2020.

  8. you dont really know tupac cause all of his beefs was verbal and written in the media and dez is own mann and being silent is not always the right coarse of action, cause maybe Martin Luther King , Malcom X, Mark Felt, Linda Tripp, all should have been quiet. like you said dez played football for a good number of years and still can play and he made his money so i dont he is going to be hurting there so i dont think its about playing or making money for him its about principle.

  9. Law Nation ( Big Word) for Today is Listening ?!Dez not Accountably late for work! Train up a child the way he/ she goes! Never depart from U! 10 yrs. from know Dez ( big word) is (IF) just would have Listened. Sons/ daughters, tell this story 3 things in life U, must know Good water, Blessed Land! The Water wealth of information, Blessed Land how do U stand as a person. Most important last but, not least Law Nation frase , say to all of them! Look at tree of life, deeper the grows knowledge, understanding & wisdom, an this break the surface in life! Say everything about you as person. The children, grandchildren & great grandchildren stand upright! As Dez gets older.Thats today as Zeke he listen ? Salute

  10. Not that I want to see them do well,but a nice fit for Dez IMO would be Pittsburgh.Imagine Brown,Dez and Schuster with Ben throwing the ball and Bell in the backfield.That would be hard to stop.For the first time in over a decade I don't think the Pats would stand much of a chance in the AFC versus that.With the release of Martavius Bryant,they wouldn't even have to change the jersey,lmao

  11. Deep down I’m going to miss Dez….but damn he’s making it easy to change….

  12. I wish he can hear you speak the truth I Only Could that help him it so help me thank you brother

  13. You wanna know what’s really sad, it was his Mom’s Birthday yesterday. He posts on Facebook “Happy Birthday Mom!” Then he goes on tweet crack to make himself look stupid. I totally agree with you Law. He needs to stay off tweet crack.

  14. I agree 100% with Law. But I'm an older white guy who runs businesses. And man, I've made a science out of hiring SUCCESSFUL people. My rule? Attitude is #1. I would never hire Dez Bryant no matter what he does from now. A guy who's got a positive team attitude and NEVER has anything negative to say WILL win. The complainer, prima donna, braggart, ego maniac – they all lose or tear up your team so everyone loses. Dez may never play again. If he was TEN times better than I've seen over the years with my Cowboys, I STILL wouldn't hire him today after seeing his behavior last season. That TV special on the Cowboys destroyed Dez career — but honestly, it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. And you KNOW the insiders in the NFL knew "Dez". He's a self absorbed, ego maniac child looking out only for himself, and no team can afford that.

  15. Good video Dez a good example of how your feelings will fail you it’s about using your brain to make the best decision

  16. 17 weeks? We only play 16games tho?

  17. Im pissd too Law…even if itss the truth…keep yo mouth closed…at end of day owners own players play…u get mills to play not to tlk..and if no one has told you…jerrynco dont like talkers..if you are a talker your play should override that..if your play doesnt match up…YOU WILL NOT BE A CANCER TO THIS TEAM AND YOU WILL NOT GET COWBOYS CHECKS..PERIOD THOSE DAYS ARE GONE JJNCO STOP DOIN THIS WHEN RATLIFF TLKD SHII GOT PD AND LEFT TO CHICAGO AFTER CLAIMING HE WAS HURT…AGAIN JJNCO HAS GONE YOUNGER AND THERE'S NOMORE TALKERS.

  18. Social media can really be a disease these days

  19. Im not mad at Dez at all


  21. sometime where we from we never learn some die and go to jail I love DEZ LAW NATON PROVE IT WITH TH TRUTH

  22. Rock Nation fucking over Dez!

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