The Dallas Cowboys Sign Dominick Sanders | Quick Film Session ᴴᴰ

Overview Undersized but athletic, Sanders has a four-year resume of putting himself into position to play the ball and taking it away once he gets there. His route …


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. all i know is the big D is back

  2. So where the hell was this guy during the last game?

  3. Earl Thomas! What are we waiting on?

  4. Just sign Earl Thomas already !!

  5. Just another camp body unless he shows out…but dallas going to need to be more agressive and get some talent real quick.

  6. 33 I don't like already.

  7. Man, I’ve seen many of your player reviews and no matter how bad a player looks on tape or on paper you never disparage anyone, including scrubs. You always find something positive about a player. Good for you man! I like ur style. Keep up the good work. Peace.

  8. Everybody pray for Travis Fredrick

  9. 16 int. And he in the streets?

  10. Welcome to The Dallas Cowboys!!!
    Sanders is a Bulldog!!!

  11. hahaha Like Deon said once ,We all look good on the highlight reel 🙂

  12. SEC player could be a diamond ?

  13. E. T from seahawks.. Vet..

  14. Jerry you gave him Tony's number! Are you crazy??????

  15. He will be ok with me then none

  16. Woods and heath are the starters. Everybody besides Frazier is a back up or camp body

  17. I like this kid too but he has much competition. Get his tackling game on point and he may turn out something special.

    ……….. and it's not cool sporting Duane Thomas' or Tony Dorsett's number in which I thought Dorsett retired on.

  18. This guy is an upgrade to that sorry Anthony Brown(Claiborne/Carr#2). Keep up the great work Law!!

  19. Is he the 1 that made bama's backup QB a legend?

  20. Neither here nor there. What up law ?

  21. he can catch the ball start that mf

  22. Go Cowboys and Go D.Sanders….

  23. Even though that may not translate to success in the NFL,you can't ignore that kind of production;Kris Richard can really make an above average player very good!

  24. Just grab Earl Thomas Dallas!

  25. We keep on signing these ppl but we trying to find some "i hopes". I hope they plan out. We need vets back there or atleast one. We always trying to patch up things too much. It's Jerry as much as i loved mutt COWBOYS but honestly i don't think jerry is concerned about no super bowl trophy. He just wants the money for the COWBOYS to expand. He's not in it to win super bowls anymore. If that was the case, Dallas would've been gotten a ring. It's him that's stopping us from getting that hardware but what do i know. Ijs…

  26. Law I think we found something…. he's got a little ball hawk in him , once Kris Richard molds him up we might have something special keep eyes on this one.

  27. Watzup Law
    Alwayz a pleasure to watch your film of players etc as well as live cast hour bring to the table

    I'm with you on a veteran safety & I just can't see us not having that as a priority
    JJ & Will McClay are doing great in disguising drafts, trades & such recently so let's not panic
    We still need the youth that hasn't materialized in our safety depth SI I'm good for now
    ET3 is my guess for us but several vets are still available
    Knock knock knock on wood
    We need 's Sanders & a Jeron Johnson type safety
    We need ET3 too?
    Thx for all your marvelous effort my man Law


  28. Tony Dorsetts number smh

  29. Welcome to Big D! Let’s make em forget about earl thomas

  30. Why do they keep doing this. Get Iloka from Cincy

  31. Churning the bottom as always, hoping for a diamond in the rough.

  32. We rarely hit on these UDFA – when we did it was with Parcells around – hopes aren't too high


  34. Law what do you know about the punt returner duties? Surely we will see Austin returning punts? If not where is the competition for Lenoir who is no threat what so ever? They are just resting Austin I assume?

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