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  1. All the cowboys have done is be nothing but positive about Dez despite Dez going scorched earth on them afterwards. Normally teams put out a PR campaign to discredit players when they cut them. Cowboys have dont the opposite. Yes they did him wrong by holding on to long…but they’ve been nothing but encouraging and professional since then.

  2. Y’all sound pretty stupid when y’all say this loud mouth TE that has no playing experience is better than Jason Witten.

  3. Law you said it man! I've been saying Roc nation is too silent on this. I feel if they would of been by dez side you'd never know what the outcome could of been. Point of the matter is there are more than one side to this but you NEVER talk shit on your previous employee.

  4. No problem with law nation I like all his stuff but just don’t agree with the dez stuff but he’s still a beast on YouTube for cowboys

  5. ok u say go some where he can do well, the cowboys took that from him when they did not release him in the beginning of free agency.

  6. Lol what a joke ok so to be successful we need 5 1th round olinemen to compete this just proves what I been saying for years we can’t evaluate talent the patriots don’t need 5 1st rounds linemen to win why do we need a damn we need defense ppl just earl Thomas isn’t gonna fix shit and we gotta jump on this while we have Irving Lawrence and Kony this my be a one year thing ppl

  7. Man y’all sounding like Jason Garrett! Blame dez talk about dez. The nfl need more players like dez it’s to much punk players just be quiet hush shut up don’t speak out even if a person, player or team do you wrong the hell with that

  8. Dallas was immature how they did things what you expect dez to do?

  9. Dez will get snatched up real fast after the draft everyone saying he hurting himself he really isn't.

  10. Agree Dez is doing himself no favors by any means. He could be ruining his chances of ever playing again.

    If he could only see the big picture and see that the grass could be greener. There’s offenses that have QBs that Can actually throw the ball more than 15 yards consistently.

  11. DDP speaking the truth Law.

    Dez Bryant is showing why he was released. It’s good to play with emotions, however you have to know how to channel your emotions and play.

    I wish him the very best and I hope wherever he goes, he goes in focused, healthy and motivated to play football.

    He’s not showing that right now… he’s wearing his heart on his sleeves and still remains jobless.

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