Dak Prescott vs Mike White On Who Can Hit The Crossbar ?

Dak Prescott & Mike White Challenges Each Other On Who Can Hit The Crossbar Video Credit: DallasCowboyNews On Instagram …


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  1. Dak Prescott & Mike White Challenges Each Other On Who Can Hit The Crossbar
    Video Credit: DallasCowboyNews On Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/p/BmuN3bIn6y4/?hl=en&taken-by=dallascowboynews
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  2. This comment section has aged terribly lol. Dak continues his ineptitude 9 games in a row now.

  3. I don’t know how happy or impressed i feel about Mike. What i would really enjoy watching, is him in there with the first team offense. Put him in coach.

  4. mike white needs to be kept around he could win the backup spot next year

  5. Tomorrow we'll work on hitting receivers?

  6. Romo Would Hit that Crossbar.Too

  7. I use to hit that crossbar all day when I was in highschool. Of course I was the kicker so…..

  8. Good job Mike white….you're still getting cut.

  9. Hes gonna be future qb if dak doesn't do anything soon as far as playoffs and super bowls go ithink hes a developmental guy but right now daks the guy

  10. Don't worry about hitting goal posts. Just hand the ball off to #21

  11. Dak always losing accuracy battles. First Jason Garret, retired David Carr now the third stringers QB lol!

  12. That crossbar don’t hit back though #DakAllDay

  13. My fine gentlemen but who is the NFL's #1 QB 2017 who gets the ball 2 wide outs in that little tiny window? Not Brady, not Big Ben it's DAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Dak is not good in qb challenges at all

  16. at least my boy dak can put points on the board in games tho ???

  17. Dak is what we call a gamer. Terrible in practice but dominant in a game when given the opportunity

  18. Didn't need to see the video to tell ya how that was gonna end

  19. That's why Dak throws it to any receiver better than that weak ass backup Quarterback huh? And I saw that during the 4th quarter against the Bengals. Facts

  20. Sure hope they give Mike white a fair chance at backup QB, he has real potential.

  21. Dak would lose the Who can hit the side of a barn challenge.

  22. Somebody said he hit it 3 times in a row. That's one throw with a video loop people…..Also if that was a receiver White just over threw him and Dak is in the end zone.

  23. https://youtu.be/_Bw-oHON2mw

    I much prefer he fails in stupid practice challenges if it means he keeps making throws like this

  24. dak lovers are so hurt right now. Haha If dak would've hit it they would be making a big deal out of it. Since it's the back up they are dismissing it because it goes against what they like.

    (not a dak hater by the way)

  25. Dal had a helmet in too

  26. Dak Still My Boii….DakAttack#4Lifee

  27. Yeah… Mike White can hit an upright cross bar, just can't hit an upright receiver! Lol…

  28. Lol..damn everybody a specialist on throwing from 1 throw and a 40 sec clip..

  29. Can definitely see dak has a stronger arm white had to lob the ball like a punt to hit the cross bar even though dak didn't hit it his pass was more on a line I'd say if dak lobbed it like white did he would have hit the cross bar as well.

  30. Dak is awful at these QB competitions he has lost to Garrett / Carr and now white . But comes to wins that's my qb

  31. Lol alot of QB who are starters in the NFL couldn't hit that cross bar but to say lets start him is just stupid trust the process it took the cowboys 3 years to develop troy

  32. Dak came very close himself.

  33. In draft guides they wrote that White had the best long ball accuracy of all the qbs in the draft .

  34. Wow a cross bar ????

  35. Dak isn't great at hitting stationary targets. He's great at hitting moving targets. Which is good because in football they're all moving targets.

  36. Too bad Mike White has problems feeling pressure coming towards him and also has mobility issues. If the guy could work with someone like Tony Romo he could turn some heads with an Arm like that

  37. Daks Passer rate is ? I will wait. Ranked what? I will wait. TD to INT % i will wait. 30 yard plus deep ball % ? Y'all dont have a clue. look it up.

  38. Dudes will be like oh put mike white in just because he hit a crossbar lmao we wouldn’t win one game with him at qb

  39. We all know dak's accuracy sucks

  40. Mike White won't even make the team

  41. Looks like we need to get a goal post in free agency so Mike White can start.

  42. West coast player(Dak) playing in a vertical offense scheme good thing we're running the ball

  43. Let’s be real dak isn’t the most accurate QB BUT Dallas has the best chance to win this year with dak. The team supports him and besides a couple passes he’s looked good so far.

  44. Mike white has the touch on his passes. I see why they drafted him

  45. "Very good, but, brick not hit back" – says the scary guy from bloodsport

  46. After reading these comments I see why people say cowboy fans are delusional .. the way y’all tryna defend Dakota is sad tbh

  47. I knew who was going to win as soon as I read the caption…

  48. Dak ain't learned shit since the Derek Carr fiasco. NO MORE CHALLENGES!!!!!

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