The Dallas Cowboys | Quick Film Session on BO SCARBROUGH 4k ᴴᴰ

The Dallas Cowboys | Quick Film Session on BO SCARBROUGH Prospect Info COLLEGE Alabama HEIGHT 6′ 1″ WEIGHT 228 lbs 40 Yard Dash 4.52 Analysis: …


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  1. Love me some bo scarbrough

  2. Cowboys should have kept this guy

  3. It’s funny seeing all these homers hyping him up and then he gets cut LOL

  4. If he stays healthy Elliot will be looking over his shoulder. He's just getting back to his game. Tore ACL twice.

  5. how did this man drop to the 7th round.

  6. What is this dude talking about

  7. I love Bo, but the Cowboys will cut him before game 1. Bo is not a fan of 45- Jerry is 45 number one supporter. Mark my words!!

  8. Hey another former Alabama player, A.J. McCarron just got traded to Buffalo from the Bengals. I think he will probably start!

  9. LawNation you know your football my friend!

  10. Love this! So pumped about our running game in Dallas!!!

  11. You pointed out the problem law. He can only run in the middle making him too predictable. He needs to Work on his vision. He will probably need a year to develop.

  12. I love the Deebo music opening lmao

  13. He gets da Deebo Theme

  14. Scarborough can bang and thump. He Elliott and Rod Smith can torch opponents IF the coaches – again key variable is those COACHES – use these men properly and lean on them and The OL.

  15. The Cowboys now have a a 1 two punch at running back with Zeke and now Bo

  16. I think with a little coach up, from Gary Brown, he’s gonna be well!

  17. Great pick!! I think he's a powerful back with great agility and miss ability. I wouldn't call him a finesse runner but he will go around you if he can. I watch some tape and he ran over a lot of players.

  18. Bo will be better than Rod Smith. But just like most tall backs, he’s a “long strider”. He gets where he needs to go in a short amount of time but that doesn’t demonstrate “true speed”. Saying that, he will be best used in space. With his size, he will straight PUNISH backers and DB’s once he makes it into the second level of the defense. I’m not sure how many of Bo’s games this guy watched at Bama but he has very good hands. I think he could be a different dynamic as a 3rd down back in the NFL.

  19. I notice everyone talking bout Bo, he aint even the backup, Smith comes 1st, Bo may start off as just a short yardage back, Smith has earned his spot ! Bo needs to concentrate on ST's 2 assure himself a Roster spot

  20. Darius Jackson is better ?

  21. I really can't wait to see my boys play..he reminds me of Marion barber

  22. Aye Dallas cowboys you guys have a dangerous running back he’s a nasty running back Bo Scarbrough

  23. Excellent commentary Law. Nice tape review. I think the Cowboys got a bargain picking Bo in the 7th. Not often that you pick a guy in the 7th round that can potentially contribute in his rookie year.

  24. Enough of the interracial stuff it's 2018.

  25. Can you say Marion Barber…. Dallas is bringing back the BOOM….lol…. Old fashion smash mouth football… Lol

  26. Back in the early, mid 80s, Joe Gibbs did something really good with his RBs. George Rodgers had just been traded to the Redskins, and he definitely showed signs of playing for the Aints, not having anything close to the offensive line of the Hogs. Gerald Riggs was the workhorse, but short yards and goal line, Rodgers came in. Then you had Kelvin Bryant on passing downs. Gibbs ran that 3 headed monster to the Super Bowl and won it. Dallas has this now. A good offensive line, and at least 2 RBs. If Bo is as good as expected, then its something exciting to see. Even New York Giants implemented a 3 head RB group to the Super Bowl. And if you have to bring a Safety down to cover the run, it gives 1 on 1 to the receivers. And should a TE step up, that's a win-win for the offense. My only concern is that I firmly believe that Dallas made a mistake not not Norv Turner. Dallas doesn't win 3 rings without him. During Jimmy Johnson's first 2 years in Dallas, the OC was a Don Shula son, David Shula. The Dallas offensive didn't do much under Shula. Norv Turner comes in, Dallas goes to a Wildcard beating Chicago, then losing to Detroit. Dallas does not get 2 Rings without Turner. Now his HC record wasn't very good. But his OC record, he's been behind great offensive football. Carolina will definitely benefit. As a matter of fact, Troy Aikman and his backup were injured. Jason Garrett comes in and beats a Brett Farve Green Bay Packers team. You don't win normally with 3rd string QBs.

  27. does anyone know what the intro song is please let me know

  28. I'm glad they got Darius Jackson back, I like him better

  29. Oh, Law, Don't Forget The Dallas Cowboys brought back Darius Jackson

  30. Superbowl….. Cowboys take home the win

  31. That dude is going to be a bestia!!

  32. He gonna eat well with Zeke I have noticed Bo since Alabama he is a beast truck em Let's go Dallas #1 #Cowboys4Life

  33. A kid that size should be the hitter on cb and not trying to dance around them.

  34. this falcons fan says this is the biggest steal of this years draft!!!

  35. I wish the Packers would have took his ass he definitely wouldn't f**** tear it up there I'm glad the Cowboys got him smartchoice I ain't got two good running backs he'll be a good 4th Down and one running back or special play running back right up the nose

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