1. I say voch is right the defence needs to make a play Garrett goes no where he stays amen

  2. voch sounds stupid smh

  3. Voch; you can't complain about Cowboy fans being upset about the Cowboys being predictable; and then show a predictable play. But, given the frist down; what about second down? Where they rolled to the right and throw the ball again? I know Whit got called for a holding call but, that's two plays where Zeke never touches the ball by the goal line.

  4. Voch kills his own argument. Garrett has been the HC for what 7, 8 years? So if you don't have a 1tech to help keep linemen off of Lee; whose fault that? Garrett has been picking players and approving of the schemes for the past couple years. Mark won; but only by default.

  5. Y’all need to do this again

  6. Good show. I caught the re watch. Get em

  7. I'm right in the middle. I'm always down for continuity but sometimes change is needed. Help me make up my mind.

  8. I don't know who I think won the debate between "Sinbad & Bruce Bruce" but I do know @ the beginning of the livestream that "computer spazz" sounded like R2D2 off Star Wars!? Having said that, this new equipment is literally "taking you out to the woodshed" & skulldragging you Mark!?? Don't be like J.Garrett & refrain from quality halftime adjustments, # stay in the fight Sinbad!?

  9. COWBOYS sadly will miss playoffs again 2018 and jerry have no choice to fire the ginger/clapper/fraud with 3rd grade play book Scott.

  10. Tell me this. Not 1 team wouldn't hire Jason Garrett if let go. Garrett wouldn't have a job in NFL. Nfl knows he's a fraud.

  11. I think u cowboy fans are crazy as fuck on sides with Garrett.

  12. Voch, needs to put his weapon on a rack.

  13. Mark you are talking out of your ass. You say Jason had 5 years to get his guys. The guys McClay drafted don't make the plays, get hurt, then you turn around and blame Garrett for the players shortcomings then with the side of your mouth, you talk about how great Will McClay is. Jason is playing the guys that will mcclay drafted, right? They don't play well and it's all Garrett's fault. Explain that paradox? The point is no matter what, you will bend the narrative that supports getting rid of garrett… for what ever reason which you don't articulate very well. Voch articulates with visual evidence that the players did not execute.

  14. Voch kinda owed you Mark. You can not make emotion decisions about the future of a team. Too many times ownership listens to the fans way to much. Hey we suxed and had a bad year, so it's the coach's fault and he has to go. It an easy fix to just blame one guy for the Cowboys shortcomings. Fans should not be allowed to influence the decision makers of a team.

  15. TO said "Same issue I had with Garrett when he felt I threw him under the bus after we went 13-3 the year before & we needed to change our plays, teams game planned Dak after his 1st year but Garrett doesn’t know how to make adjustments. Can’t keep running same plays over & over & over" so How is Mark not making sense when players that played for Jason saying what Mark is saying please explain somebody.

  16. I feel mark won,but voch has the better microphone. lol maybe mark needs some firearms sprinkled around the background to spice things up a little, lol what's the name of the new show?football and firearms, how to block and unblocking your ar 15 all in the same show, lol

  17. What a treat. Go. Boys

  18. How did I miss this show.. good shit guys

  19. and yeah every team loses players but we lost all our best players and still almost got into the playoffs.. the margin for getting in or not getting in the playoffs is very small.. in 2014 with Garrett we should of been playing for an nfc championship of dez just hangs onto the ball..i wouldnt shed tears if we fire Garrett..however i think were a very young team goin in the right direction.. i honeslty cant make my mind up yet if firing Garrett would get us to a superbowl

  20. i love u mark but u interrupt too much lol.. its that passion uve got.. u had been talking a while and law said 4min left and u wouldnt let voch speak.. c'mon my friend..i loved this program.. mostly annoying thing was that ur Internet kept messing up and i couldnt understand half what u said.. and the main point i disagree with is that when uve got a young team and a rookie qb in his 1st playoff game u dont pussyfoot around and somehow try to only score a td with no time left..u have to score when u can and u HAVE TO rely on ur defense to make a stop..we lost that game cuz our defense wasnt good enough not cuz of Garrett..i dont love Garrett but i also try to be objective and he has done some good things.. im just terrified to fire Garrett and end up turning our team into a disaster..

  21. Mark one Voch is just a Jerret apologist lol…We will not win a super bowl with Jerret. What about last year in playoffs against the Packers we just going to say because its aron rodgers FOH win the damn game or get a new job

  22. ok i disagree with voch on any coach leaving it up the defense to win the game, any body will say you live up to your offence to win the game.

  23. That last point Mark made about that last drive in GB he's absolutely right. Idk what Voch is talking about. Be strategic. You know you're playing Aaron Rodgers DONT LEAVE HIM ANY TIME ON THE CLOCK.

  24. Voch is way wrong on that last point. If you have your offense out there with 40 secs left you run the ball and chew up as much clock as you can to not let Rodgers a chance of a comeback. You can’t put your defense in that position at the end of the game. A smart coach wouldn’t let that happen. That’s all coaching messing up and there needs to be a change.

  25. voch made my point, a good one tech and the cowboys defense will be dominant.

  26. Voch won! Sorry Mark but you had some good points too. But I ageee with alot of what Voch said.

  27. This was a good debate. But Mark you got to fix that audio before the next one.

    People saying that Voch won, got to tell me what points he made to the clear winner.

    Rebuttal to Voch:

    18:20: Why do we have an OL coach for if we cannot teach Chaz Green the basics on blocking? I'm not expecting Green to be Ty Smith 2.0, but he made Adrian Clayborn look like the second coming of Lawrence Taylor. Borrowing a line from Shango, we kept Chaz Green for 3 years for this!?! Any adjustments and substitutions were too late in that match and it's largely coaching fault.

    34:12: Without counting Marvin Lewis, Jason Garrett is the longest serving head coaches that hasn't won a SuperBowl. I don't expect Garrett to win the SuperBowl, cause I don't think he's good enough to get us there, but I do expect him to get into the playoffs with the players we have. Garrett lead the Cowboys into the playoffs twice and managed one win in 8 years as Cowboys' HC and you expect us to be a SuperBowl contender?

    38:36: The likes of Sean McVay and Doug Petersen showed that sometimes it's worth taking risk than continuing the same stale HC. Mark is right, sticking with Garrett showed that we are similar to the Bengals. At least with Marvin Lewis, he got into the playoffs 7 times. It's sad that we are going to miss out on getting Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia, because Jerry Jones will stubbornly stick with Garrett.

    58:06: You want defense make a play with against Aaron Rodgers who you said is the most talented QB? I believe our defense was 26th in passing yards last season. I'm not saying, our defense should be blameless, but giving Rodgers enough time is poor clock management and that responsibility goes mostly to the HC.

    Sorry for the long post, but I had to make my case. Looking forward to the next one. It would be great if you can bring Shango and Foots into these debates.

  28. Honored to be a part of the community, thanks for having me

  29. Both have solid points, but I agree with Mark. But get your microphone game together.

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