1. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhat Rico has the most catches in camp by any TE Has the most TD's in camp overall period and has the most pancake blocks by any you guys need to stop listening to bryan broaddus that dude be lying on rico all the time I have all the proof on my page Rico score TD's damn there everyday in camp when he get's the chance to touch the field

  2. Rico want be on the cowboys practice squad dudes going to be starting for the cowboys or on another team he's been on A Tear all week in camp catching everything They're lying about his blocking too I got the proof on my page

  3. With Tavon Austin, Hurns, Scarbrough, Williams, Schultz, Jarwin and Olawale Dallas has a new personality and an exciting passion to win in Dallas. Sometimes change is great bringing a new attitude to a team.

  4. Reppin Cowboy nation up here in Colorado Springs CO. If Sean Lee has a full healthy season I can highly see Sean Lee get DPOY.. Real talk this defense will be monster

  5. can u please send me the link to watch the cowboys games. #WeDemBoyz

  6. LAW I looked at the Cowboys schedule this year. It is not an easy schedule. Winning 10 games is not a given, especially if Garrett and coaches playcalling and time management becomes an issue again!!
    I also looked at the Patriots schedule… It seems that there schedule is freakin easier. WHY LAW?? AFC East sucks again.JETS< BILL< DOLPHINS stink… Why is their schedule so easy??? Look at their schedule! Let me know what you think..

  7. Gallup runs great routes. That is how he gets open. If you Know the steps of each route and know the route tree, then you get open. Dak admitted Beaser is his security blanket. It was a great opening preseason game. There were some rough spots – as you said, we need to get those ironed out. Connor sack, AB/Jourdan penalties, coverage mistakes, but the pluses were a lot larger than the misses. It was a good showing.

  8. Michael frickin 13 Gallup, ??

  9. Are they counting pre-season games for David Irving?

  10. Slow the Gallup touchdown to quarter speed . It really looks like the way Gallup is tracking the ball makes the cb think it's right there so he looks back, slows up a little almost simultaneous , locates it Immediately realizes he's too shallow and immediately turns his head back to look at Gallup and close the gap but's its already too late.

  11. Law nation best channel on YouTube . Do you have any t shirts or hoodies would definitely buy 1

  12. Gallup is going to be our starting WR for us this year! He has some speed but it’s more deceptive football speed! Love how the game didn’t get too big! Rookie started and caught a big catch for the Cowboys!Hurns, Austin, Lenoir, and the rest of the WR Corp look good! Our LBs looked good even with Sean Lee out! Jaylon was flying and Joe Thomas will earn a spot on the 1st team with his hustle and veteran! LMK who you guys liked?

  13. Michael Gallup is the Truth!

  14. Sunday Nite- Miller Lites
    Cant wait for season opener

  15. Everybody needs to chill

  16. Yooo I’m hype right now!

  17. Michael Gallup next cowboy wideout to shine

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