1. how bout them cowboys haters

  2. Jesse did come off a bitter in this post-game. He was saying Brees, or Brady wouldn’t throw for less than 200 yards if their team scored 40 points. Yeah, they also throw certain passes that are a extension of the running game. People also can’t discount Dak running. It’s all apart of his work.

  3. Nah, Dak did overthrow Austin. I agree you would rather overthrow than under throw Austin in that match-up, but he did overthrow him.

  4. I would move J. Smith to the SAM, LVE to the MIKE, and leave Lee at the WILL. Smith plays with the most power out of the three.

  5. Thanks Law for the love today. I wish Gallup had more of a targets. Teams will scheme to eliminate Beasley.

  6. Linehan BET NOT go back to calling soft plays after this…?

  7. we just need to continue to build

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