1. Thumbnail alone was enough to cut him … NEXT

  2. boys released doug free fat contract 10+ mil per season – doug free was not picked up and later sign a league veteran minimum for 3 mil per season with the boys or something to that effect???????!!

    if dez is not picked up, will boys take dez for the league veteran minimum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

  3. LOl I'm confused about how can getting rid of Sean lee benefit the cowboys?

  4. yes, dez was still the boys best and most dynamic wr. stats prove that he still has a better nose for the endzone than irvin did!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

    boys are finally learning the patriots way?????????!!!!!!!

    know when it's time to recycle players, draft them up, coach them up, release or trade them, lose them to fa, pile in more compensation picks, draft them up, coach them up – keep the youth movement – stay out of cap hell – recycle, recycle, recycle!!!!!!!!!????

    only resign players conducive to the team philosophy with the least amount of question marks – run the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

    look what the eagles (rpo) did with a similar formula the cowboys used with the run game and quicker passes out of the pocket during the 1st year with 2 rooks – and bradychick threw for 500+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

    were boys better off keeping dez, and letting tw, bee, and or witt go??????????????!!!!!!!!!! did the boys try to trade dez for a pick!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    to dez emotions, not about right or wrong, but was it no longer a good fit????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dez might fit better with the shoot them up nfc south qbs – brees, ryan, cam?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rpo and early sb appearances
    kap + gore = 1 early sb appearance
    russell + lynch = 2 early sb appearance
    cam + stewart = 1 early sb appearance
    wentz + 3rbs = 1 early sb appearance

    dak + eze = ???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Na I don't like em lol.. You talking bout the same Derwin James the rest of the world is?

  6. This guy James thinks he can coach the Cowboys. You stupid. The other guys has good points.

  7. Good point….it's put up or SHUT UP for the coaching staff in 2018.

  8. I want DJ Moore in the 2nd round

  9. I can't speak to the Cowboys fans….but ME…I'm ready to move on.

  10. Bryant had just 42 more yards then Hurns the last three years.       Tds        Bryant   17     Hurns  15

  11. If you get rid of Witten. Who is the Leader in the locker room? Sean Lee can't do that when he is injured half the year. Zeke and Dak are not their yet. We need Witten for his ability to get into peoples faces and demand that they step it up.

  12. Sounds 2 me the Jones don't want DOGS

  13. Wow, how soon we forget !!!. I'm cool with the release, but not the way the brothers name is being slandered. I guess we got what we wish for, we see. Great video guys.

  14. I don't agree with Paul. Yea, we DO need to go ahead and get that 5th linemen in the first. Why? Because we don't have the coaching that can work with 3rd/5th round talent

  15. Yet people listen to mark Holmes smh

  16. Rico got hurt right

  17. Replace the whole Romo regime head coach next

  18. A Civil War is taking place in Cowboy Nation

  19. I slightly disagree with you Law. I think Dak could use a number 1 receiver but one more like Julio Jones who burns you with speed instead of a number 1 receiver who goes up for 50/50 catches. Dez was always more geared to the gun slinger type QB that Tony Romo was. Julio Jones is more of the type of outside receivers that Peyton Manning liked which is who I think Dak is trying to model his game after. Peyton used the short throws with his TE, RB, and slot receiver but had two speed guys on the outside that he could throw home runs to if needed. Dez and Terrance Williams are not that type of WRs and they are definately no Reggie Wayne & Marvin Harrison. More than anything, Peyton was a perfectionist with an uncanny ability to read defenses. Peyton expected his WRs to be where they are suppose to be when he throws the ball. Dak isn't to that level yet but he has also only been in the league for two seasons.

  20. dez is gone fine but u will act the same way when u could have went early in free agency some where u wanted to go not when all the good teams have spent their money.

  21. Dak is crap…Dak is shit…oh, and Dak is the starting QB of the Dallas Cowboys. And Dez is looking for work. #facts

  22. Dak is some Shit

  23. It's time to move on. The Romo, Bryant,T.O years are over. plus he's quite a issue to deal with. Talented yes, but if you don't have a sound controlled locker room he's not 4 you.

  24. Yall gona see that dak is crap!

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