1. You look like Johnny Knoxville’s BAD GRANDPA!!!!! Lmao

  2. This is what happens to us Cowboys fans, they have given me gray hairs already! haha

  3. For a second I thought this was a police brutality video of an old man getting beat up by evil pigs

  4. yo' Law I can't even take u serious' Dam. lol…

  5. look like a Old Azz Uncle Drew…???

  6. Damm' Law u look like' a De

  7. Gramps Gettin old waiting for another superbowl ??

  8. Dak gotta get better..Aaron beat us on 1 leg,russ beat us with a beat up oline,luck been playing with a beat up line,wentz doing better than him..I just don't know fam,we keep blaming recv, lines,def,coaches, play calling etc

  9. ??? for a sec I thought you were Angry Grandpa R.I.P

  10. I expected more from dt. Antwan Woods this year but free agents are free agents in Dallas. Basically Dallas free agents are a joke annually while other east teams FAs seem to flourish.

  11. Lets hope Dallas' mojo continues at home and we can beat Philly once.

  12. You look like our nfc east rivals in the 70s and 90s buddy. Halloween for two decades.


  14. Jerry Jones was not going out and getting a safety. He’s going all in on Earl Thomas on the off season. What happens this year is what’s going to happen. They already have an out for this season with the firing of coaches having to go out and get a #1 WR! So IMO they are looking at 2019 season.

  15. There's something different about you today law?? Did you shave your beard

  16. You need some chap stick gramps.

  17. Exactly Law there loaded Dak needs to start playing like wentz . Or i wouldnt franchise him

  18. Nice creative costume.

  19. Grandpa Kick Booty needs to just show up every great once in a while and..well…kick some booty. Scare that defense into getting some turn overs for us. lmao

  20. Wash def is good but I think Norman will get exposed alot I'm excited to see Cooper getting open on his ass lol

  21. A for effort Law but yo damn mouth look like you went 12 rounds with mayweather

  22. I was worried more if eagles getting bell…not Tate with a fresh Def against those guys I'm not worried at all if anything the moves other teams made shows how desperate they are to beat the DC

  23. Great costume Bruh!

  24. Eagles needed a rb not a wr

  25. Eagles has no run game tho that's what they really needed

  26. That's where our front 4 has to show up hard to throw from your butt. ?

  27. My man look like he got Dial syndrome from the mouth down????

  28. Hey law would you rather the Eagles have Amari Cooper or Golden Tate, I'm just saying…..

  29. an ascot would have completed that costume nicely. Go Cowboys!

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