1. This show really f** sucks! This 2 dumb ass don’t know sport that’s for sure should be fired SAP where is ZEK bro? U guys must be Cowboys hater!!

  2. Law did I hear this right the GOAT is New Orleans really ?! Well we’ll show them

  3. Well Zeke is better than the number 1s on those teams by a long shot. Then you have Rod, Bo, Tavon they’re like the only team that could have 4 RBs

  4. The only worthy of top 5 on that list was Ingram and Kamara

  5. Cowboys #1 with a healthy Zek!!!

  6. guys they weren't ranking the best RB's in the NFL they were ranking the best RB duo's or tandems..

  7. These guys are smoking Crack and not the illegal drug. East coast Homers the NFL network.

  8. I used to like bucky brooks but not any more this nigga smoking crack smh

  9. Dallas is not in there? I'm sure. Or Steelers? Funny but ok, there the professionals

  10. Must have forgotten about Zeke, R Smith, and Bo

  11. The only backfield on this list that is worthy of top 5 is the Saints…But they are prolly 5th

  12. That fool said the greatest backfield of all time

  13. @LawNation I'm laughing with you fam! How 'bout dem Cowboys! I have a dark horse pick for this "list", Dawg Pound; Hyde, Chubb, Johnson Jr. For the 1st two, could be another Mack & Byner, dual 1,000yd season.

  14. Dallas and Rams will rush for more tards than all 5 of those teams

  15. Backfield = 2 or more RB's. Are all of you that clueless? This is not about the single RB's like Zeke, DJ, Bell and Gurley. These guys are in a class by themselves.

  16. They meant to name it top backfield tandems. 2 headed monsters. Like when we had Barber and Felix Jones. Calm down. Everyone knows Zeke Laveon Bell and Todd Hurley are the best running backs.

  17. Clowns pure clowns

  18. Smoking. Drugs.

    All the drugs.

  19. Zeke. Bo. Tavon. Alfred. Smith. Darrius Jackson. Idk if I’m missing people but we’re stacked.

  20. Bucky Usually knows what he is talking about but there was no Steelers, No Cowboys and even the Browns have a great Duo in the backfield. What is this dude Bucky doing?

  21. It's all about the Dallas Cowboys!

  22. No Cowboys, no Rams, no Eagles???? Yikes… these guys claim they know football…. okay…. how TF you gonna call it a good backfield if the best player isn't even the best and then you can only follow it up with one other runner?!?!?! Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliot, Bo Scarborough, Rod Smith, Tavon Austin, also Dak Prescott runs a lot. Eagles: Darren Sproles, Jay Ajayi (Ajayi is a monster, Cowboys fan BTW), Corey Clement, don't forget Wentz as a runner. Rams: Todd Gurley, Malcom Brown. What are you doing???

  23. Let me get this straight, they actually get paid to do this shit? We're thankful for no-nonsense brothas such as yourself Law Nation.

  24. Why do you post this, come up with your own stuff. Mr I’m a man cause I’m on YouTube.

  25. What about Zeke, Rod Smith, and Bo Scarbrough? As a DIE HARD Dallas Cowboys Fan, That is UNACCEPTABLE Bucky Brooks PERIOD POINT BLANK!!!! 😠😡😤

  26. “NFL Network” you would think they should know about football but I guess not.. So disrespectful and a horrible list, would not pick any of those backs to start a team

  27. The Problem that I have with the New Orleans Saints Running Back Tandem is @MarkIngramII is going to be SUSPENDED for 4 games and now they're left with @AlvinKamara.

  28. Zeke isn't on the list because he doesn't need another back like some of the others do

  29. I only like that video cuz you put it out LAW. but that was some diiiiiissssreeesssspeeeckkkkkkt to the fullest. It's cool tho..let em sleep then SLAP they silly asses awake.

  30. Bucky your ignorant.

  31. Where is Zeke,Bell and Gurley? I guess it's more about 1 guy.

  32. No Cowboys? No Rams? dumb..

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