BTB Cowboys podcasts: Breaking down what went wrong, and can it be fixed?

Can the Cowboys recover?

Two Cowboys podcasts for your listening pleasure.

Talkin’ The Star: What Went Wrong Against Tennessee?

The Talkin’ the Star crew breaks down the Cowboys 28-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Monday night. The guys talk about the issues surrounding the play calling, quarterback, and defense, and if there’s any hope of turning this thing around.

OchoLive: Cowboys Are 3-5 | Dez Bryant To Saints | Season Halfway Over

Whaddup World! We’ve had technical difficulties for some time now, but OchoLive is officially BACK from our hiatus! Check out the latest episode as we get into everything concerning the Dallas Cowboys. They’re 3-5, searching for answers, and as of Wednesday are going to have to watch their old receiver play for one of the hottest teams across the NFL in the New Orleans Saints. Things are rough, but at least we have each other to get us through it all. Huzzah!

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