1. Yo Law is Armari' goin to be a trick or treat' my opinion he's goin to be a real treat..and a baller..and dats Scary ..

  2. LAW wit that ole man swagg??

  3. The NFL is fixed, get over it. Come on you know the rules.

  4. LIVE LIKE 95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What Up LAW! lol Like The OLD MAN MASK BRO LOL!

  6. You look like Danny Glover today!!!

  7. It's a dam shame how the cowboys season aged law

  8. Stop with all the yo yo, let's go, let's roll. Get on with you show. Annoying

  9. Friday After Next??? ?

  10. The Reality Zone…..is where we are right now…..and that reality begins with how the Cowboys take the field against The Titans. If they come out on offense and get a three and out on their first possession. They set the tempo for a long frustrating day. But if they come out super charged and ready to put up some numbers and set the tempo at full charge….then the results will be what we seen against the Jaguars a couple of weeks ago. Looking at what the Cowboys are dealing with….the Titans are a below 500 per cent team…..just like the Jaguars were….so the Cowboys should run over them. Now with the addition of Amari Cooper. No more excuses against these 500 percent and below teams.

  11. Should of did Jerry jones haha. JK love it law…

  12. Check your kids candy on this bad holiday. People love dipping candy in pcp and putting drugs and very small chop up blade Pieces and chocolate bars to cut your throat. Not saying all but it’s a hand full of sick demonic ass people in this world ? #StaySafe #50centGrabYourStrap

  13. 95 silver and blue! DC4L!!!??

  14. Yes you will win Law. Lol!

  15. Law!!! LOL!!! LOVE IT!

  16. Eddie Murphy got nothin' on Law! hahahah!…Happy Halloween y'all.

  17. LAW damn you 1of the ugliest fans I ever saw?

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