1. Time to get rids of public servents who disagrees with ph rules.
    There are millions who are more capable waiting for the jobs as public servents from high to low rank officers.

  2. including the Islam law?????

  3. Geli pulak bulu ketiak bila dengaq kahkahkah

  4. RULE OF LAW is king, dictator and revenge for najib

  5. Right & agreed. Rule of law to apply to All & for those who breached ie thieves, crooks, kleptocrats, criminals to catch, charge & punish accordingly so to keep preserve law & order. Justice to prevail.

  6. Name calling or bad-mouthing on any religion, ethnicity or tribal communities must be punished by law.

  7. "Rule of Law" has a good connotation. But it can also be abused by authoritarian rulers who control the courts to write laws to disadvantage the opposition so as to perpetuate his reign. Rule of Law can be Ruled By law. Who's rules and who's laws? This is what needs to be answered. So the term Rule of Law can be bad also

  8. What Rule of Law?? You said it, you broke it.

  9. The rule of the divine creator if the whole universe should be adhered to the good teachings of the holy divine.

  10. rule of law. rule of karma everyone is answerable….

  11. I hope (Rule of Law) will include legal foreigners who want to earn a reasonable livelihood with family and give equal opportunity to prosperous in life becoz we are also humans like locals.

  12. Practice what u preach oldman???

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