1. We might go to the super bowl one day

  2. Tell me why we dont use him to our strengths??

  3. Michael The Truth Gallup ?????

  4. Michael Gallup or Michael Thomas? I think they have a similar game

  5. you seriously stole someone else's vid and changed the music…. pretty sad

  6. This man right here might be a threat to other teams

  7. Awesome 3rd round pick. I think he'll do a lot for the Cowboys.

  8. This is another example of the cowboys selection a smart and fundamentally sound football player. He runs great routes, very good hands(not a body catcher) and his blocking is adequate. I think his huge catch radius can allow him to be special coupled with his precise route running and big hands. He reminds me of Chris Carter. I feel most of his drops are just concentration issues. Nothing reps and coaching can't fix. He may become the steal of the draft!!!!

  9. Reminds me of Michael Thomas on the saints, believe Dallas got a real solid player in this guy!!!!

  10. Welcome to Dallas big boy ???

  11. Can't wait to see him line up during the season. He finds ways to get in the end zone and can break some tackles along the way. Great pick with a huge upside. He can be the spark the Cowboy's need.

  12. Gallup time Cowboys ? Big D we have a true receiver in this man!!!

  13. Stolen video from Harris highlights

  14. He looks good with bad QB play, he's going to do damage this season. Strong,smart, good route running, tough to tackle ?

  15. Aggressive player I like it

  16. Very nice , this guy looks like he has solid reaction, great on his feet , great in tight situation , good hand ball coordination and importantly he’s FAST

  17. Williams,Hurns ,Beasley and Gallup we will be fine ! Not to mention zeke the freak and LVEsch and a regenerated Smith let’s go cowboys get that Dallas doomsday back to par

  18. I can't wait to see this guy play this year. He'll be a #1 WR in the league.

  19. Cowboys baby!!!Gallup is a beast and fits in perfect for what Dallas is doing!!! #CowboyNation

  20. Hey Law, this is kind of random but I'm concerned about the growing pains the Cowboys offense is going to have with its shift toward Dak-friendly. As a long time Boise State fan and football fanatic I already know that with Scott Linehan and his new QB coach Kellen Moore the Cowboys' offense is going to be very similar to the BSU offense. Meaning, shifts, motions, and just a bunch of confusing the defense. 2&3 TE sets, FB utilization, and overloads on one side of the line. This is the offense of probabilities and percentages with calculated mismatches. The writing is on the wall, Allen Hurns, Michael Gallup, Terrance Williams, Cedric Wilson, but Tavon Austin is the real proof. They will still always be run first, a la, Ian Johnson, Doug Martin, Jay Ajayi, Jeremy McNichols. I don't know how familiar you are with BSU, but go watch Kellen Moore's college tape, this is a professional culmination of that offense. I'm just worried about the learning curve and the transition to it. I think it will make The Cowboys more lethal in the long run, but I'm worried about the beginning of the season. Throw in the defense learning Kris Richard's philosophy as a concern too. Alright sorry this is long, but I hope you see what I'm saying.

  21. He uses that stiff arm really good.

  22. Boy! Dak better pass for 4K or better. Right now with these young WRs

  23. it has to be him or Noah Brown to make up for the loss of Dez or both of them combine , im not from dallas , but i hade some friends say this guys body looks like Dez

  24. ………………….The anvil drops in August haters !!!!!!…………. "Build it and they will come"……………………………………

  25. He definitely knows how to snatch a ball out of the air. Maybe the loss of Dez won't be as big of a deal for Dallas as some think.

  26. Welcome to the Cowboys Michael Gallup. Reminds me of a Torry Holt clone. Hope he can contribute for Dallas right away. I heard he was given #13, but i hope he can switches it to #84 or #81.

  27. This video makes him look like a Superhuman.

  28. Sleeper pick right here

  29. WR1 by the end of 2019


  31. I think the cowboys cut dez one reason is because of his attitude. Another is the decline of his productivity on the field. And finally I think the cowboys are going to have a wide receiver by committee. Meaning guys who can run multiple routes so they can have a more deadly balanced offense. Instead of having that #1 wide receiver who always wants the ball.

  32. Intelligent player, route running on point, physical…just need to see how he blocks. That's important playing receiver for a run first offense…good pick

  33. Love the music, no rap, just a battle hymn

  34. LVE ,Wilson was on the same team

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