1. Niagara Falls NY!!! Thanks for talking about Rico. He WILL go beast mode on the NFL. I hope he has a star on his helmet when he does it. Mediocre blocker…. holy moly… don’t ask him to block!!!!

  2. I'm sick of waiting on this dude. We need to start being a team that makes real cuts.

  3. By thee end of this season,Gronk won't be able to carry Rico's jock.They're putting the negatives out there so the first few opponents won't gameplan for him

  4. I think playing Cornerback is more challenging than playing center is.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP1CbVWr7Ww

    All anyone needs to know about the TE position for the Cowboys this year. Rico is a dud. Jarwin will be the number 2 TE and then Schultz and Rico or Wells will be the 4th if they keep 4 and neither won't be able to crack the lineup because they aren't any good.

  6. Dallas need to stop the bullshit with Gathers. Just let him go and watch him become a pro bowl TE with another squad. Gonzalez, Gates, Sharp, and Graham were not blockers. Use the kid for what he's gifted for and watch him bare fruit. It's just another example of how Carrot top suffers from paralysis of analysis.

  7. Keep doing what you doing. Much love ….. From PittsburghCowboy.

  8. Sivler and blue in New Orleans holding it down Law

  9. where is Iverson when we need him? "we talking bout blocking…NOT A GAME! but we talking bout blocking"!

  10. My thing is this. Why would the Cowboys even draft him know he aint played football since middle school and you dont think his blocking is up to par, so why not work with him on blocking cause if he can get it down rico will be a problem on the field for opposing teams

  11. Stephen Russell from the Bahamas.

  12. The Cowboys are so dumb, they don't realize that if they cut Rico, they have essentially been grooming Rico for Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Rico is from New Orleans. If the Cowboys are dumb enough to cut him, expect to see him on the Saints Roster. You heard it here first. Also, expect for him to be the next Jimmy Graham. I am sure Sean Payton will send Jerry Jones a "thank you" for all of the hard work grooming Rico to be a star for the Saints.

  13. I hardly even hear them talk about Rico anymore. The last 30 minute special they had, Stephen Jones was on and talking about the TE position and he mentioned all of them EXCEPT Rico. He must REALLY be screwing up or not absorbing the blocking schemes to have fallen so out of favor. I trust the team, Will McClay, etc. to know what they are doing so we will see.

  14. Kinda funny how Rico has to earn it but Jeff Swaim who's never scored And NFL touchdown in his fking life preseason or regular games is just giving it Wonder what the difference from Rico And Swaim Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. Do a video on mike, the back up qb. Keep doing your thing Law.

  16. Yo yo yo I’m late but I love it! Great show as always LAW…?✌️

  17. Rico is the worst TE on the roster and its not even close. He isn't any faster or athletic than the other TE's and he can't catch any better. He is only taller and that is it and that isn't enough. I hope I am wrong because it will make the team better but I have no faith.

  18. BIll becker from Petach Tikva Israel

  19. Wr- Hurns(1yr) Gallup, Bease(last yr) Wilson, Thompson, Brown. TWill is cut after a two game suspension. Te- Jarwin, Gathers, Schultz. Swaim is traded after all 4 show tremendous improvement. This based on Austin being categorized as RB, if not Wilson or Thompson get cut due to staff loving Browns body ?.

  20. Rico may not get a spot due to being a run first team! Need a blocking multitasking TE! Not a catching the ball guy! It’s not all about just being a physical specimen cause he’s to slow to be a WR but can’t block well enough to start! But if he gets the chance to than ball is in his court (field) for him!

  21. Rico is listed at 6'6" 285 that is according to the Cowboys Roster list.

  22. I feel like Rico might be the Cowboys biggest recieving threat. With no Dez, no Witten, which other player is a bigger recieving threat, a bigger mismatch than Rico Gathers. I understand the coaching staff doesn't feel comfortable with his blocking, but why not just throw this guy in on passing downs and let him do his thing while at the same time giving Presscott a security blanket to throw to.

  23. People say Rico won't make the team cuz he cant block, but he's the best pass catcher out of th e TEs. They wouldn't cut the best blocker so why would you cut the best reciever.

  24. That sick catch you got Rico making in the background, that was his 1st one he made back in 2016, that is athleticism that you cannot teach. Can’t wait for preseason games, only a couple weeks away…..then we will have us, some serious stuff to talk about. Me and my Brotha Law, we shaking like 2 junkies, dying to get our football fix. ??✌️

  25. How about Michael Gallup…

  26. Well Law, You mean Blake Jarwin (Former Oklahoma State Cowboys) Tight End…

  27. rico is probably and most likely the only TE we have that could block a DE based on size with the right training

  28. Stop acting like Rico suave won't make the team. He just needs to get on the field and get some live action. #cowboysnation

  29. Rico made the 4TE squad last year whe Witten was still running the show
    JW, JH, GS, & RG
    Why wouldn't he make it now, unless they only keep 3TE's
    & they need depth here just because so much unproven exist
    It'll be suicide not to keep 3TE's at least until 3 dynamic options are obvious
    Steven Jones not mentioning Rico could be a jockying & motivational tactic like his father you just mentioned Law
    Rico has the spot to lose but I wouldn't guarantee it if I were a coach, GM or owner
    Competition provokes our best

  30. Representing Belen,New Mexico

  31. I wish showers could have been our backup. The know how to ruin talent.

  32. I think Rico had trouble with the playbook or something because idk how the hell he didn’t play last year when he got healthy.

  33. There's no way Rico shouldn't make the team IF the cowboys really want him to.

  34. I’ve seen a lot of horrible blocking tight ends on the cowboys over the yrs. Rico is definitely skilled enough to make the team. He will also be a beast in the red zone if he’s coached properly.

  35. I'm definitely pulling for Rico, I feel he can be the next biggest thing!

  36. Puro Dallas Cowboys!

  37. It's hard to tackle Rico.. i hope he can pick up his blocking

  38. Toledo ohio. Cowboy fans everywhere we will rise.

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