1. Rashaan Evans, impact player trading down to Bosch at 30, lessens the front seven. Bosch is a Sean Lee type of player will take two years to develop. Harris or Will Hernandez with second pick, third pick Memphis receiver fourth pick Deshon Elliott strong safety, 5 pick Mike Williams Houston cougars.

  2. I tried to look up Wittens YAC stats, It didn't even have a number it was just a smiley face emoji

  3. You missed my boy Kellen Moore on #17 list.. lol one, I see why you missed em and 2 he ain't my boy..

  4. Is there a reason Tyrone Crawford still on the team? I know hes good against the run but??

  5. I understand the NFL is concerned with player safety. But this interpretation of this rule will lead to more lower extremity hits which is considered a dirty hit in my opinion. More knee injuries will be the result.

  6. Question why did patriots part ways with Cameron Fleming? Does he deserve 2 start in our team .I know he has a ring but why tho?

  7. Not trying to be Biased because I like Witten but there was multiple times throughout the whole season where Witten was wide open and Dak didn't even see him. A few of those times were in the endzone as well but I do agree we need to get the next guy ready whether it's Rico if he can stay healthy for once or if we draft someone but they need to do it soon so they have a season to work with Witten

  8. Thanks for Watching Live Silver&Blue Law Nation & Dallas Prospect Eps: 7!!! Salute!!!!

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