1. It's September 1st game of the year and "they" come out with this alleged allegation? Why not say something when he first reported to training camp or when the incident happened. Smh it's like "they" try and destroy the Cowboys on purpose. It's really a shame

  2. You explain it right when it come down to Randy Gregory the Lord have him not man and this too shall pass also my brother, go Cowboys

  3. Weed isn't addictive..there's some sort of an experiment going on here..

  4. I won't go into Dak's accuracy (couldn't hit the broadside of a barn at times). I won't go into his stupid delay of game penalties at a huge time thus his management issues. Or his indecisive play all day. Lets blame it on his lack of play (pre-season) and the front office which is BS but whatever. The play before he fumbled, he quit on us running out of bounds. Its not in the highlights. 2nd and 7 he ran to the sideline and had room to pick up another 4-5 yards and either dive or sacrifice for the 1st down with one defender (secondary player) coming up but not hard. He stepped out way early in that scenario with 1:30 or so to go. Next play he flushed and fumbled
    I was glad we FINALLY ran some screens to Zeke but dang. All delay handoffs to him. No quick hits inside. If this is Linehan's offense, oh whatever.
    The defense played hard and hung in there. A big, fast running Qb is an added part of an offense that is hard to stop. His runs saved them every drive. TCraw was a better player INSIDE and the DLine looked as good as it has in years. Hats off to Woods, Collins, Ross and of course DLaw and Gregory. Go Cowboys

  5. This team needs to move away from project players Doran Armstrong deserves more playing time

  6. Law coffee is good for cancer and possible weed too, but until it's legalized by the NFL it is what it is

  7. BRO the NFL is a job not a rehab center. I pray for his help but the guy just like to smoke indo and don't give a what what about his family.

  8. Yo! Week 1 defense did good, offense sucked!! They need to try and put Rico in

  9. Lol, oh my, clapper is picking up right where he left off last season…what a Fing joke that POS is…panthers owing this bunch of misfits

  10. Time the cowboys take a run at “Malcolm Mitchell” a true number 1!

  11. if true I think Gregory is finally done as an NFL player

  12. Law Nation I wish him well and he gets his life together if he suffered another substance abuse relapse but as a Cowboys fan I do not feel sorry for him or any professional athlete that do things out of stupidity. He had a year from the game to get himself together knowing what he did and what he needs to do to stay out of trouble.As fans we had high hopes for him knowing what he could do to make this defense better ,so we have a right to be disappointed and feel he let everyone down. Like I said I wish him well and he gets his life together and live a productive life , maybe it wasn't meant for him to play in the NFL and the Cowboys just need cut their ties with him and take their loses.

  13. I just read this on ESPN: "Within the past year, the NFL has recognized that addiction is best treated in ways other than suspending players, sources said. Gregory is the latest example, though he still faces a key ruling that could come as early as this week." Just a ray of hope for Gregory, primarily and Cowboys secondarily. I wish Gregory the best in beating this addiction, and the underlying cause.

  14. This makes no sense . They reinstated him after he had this slip up ? Really ?

  15. If coach Garrett had balls like Jimmy he would cut crackhead Gregory right now!

  16. This is much bigger than football…….stay strong randy ✊?

  17. This is much bigger than football…….stay strong randy ✊?

  18. Amen Law …im praying for this young man..Football is not his identity he human being who is flawed just like me..

  19. Even though I'm frustrated, I have always said that substance addiction, anxiety, mental issues ect..are very serious and hard to deal with, his family/life comes first than football. Prayers for him, and wish him all the best, FAITH, FAMILY, COWBOYS!!

  20. This is the reason can't count on a drug addict to do anything, Randy Gregory is a Draft Bust!

  21. Amen! PREACH!! Nothing to be mad about. The man needs help and support. I'm not sure whether he will be suspended (again) or banned

  22. I make a DECREE and PROPHECY that Randy Gregory will BE SOBER, He will make plays on this Defense and he will get at least 6.5 Sacks this season

  23. The nfl came out and said it was a slip up on the news

  24. Everyone are HATERS of the Dallas Cowboys as a matter of fact, Cynthia Freelund and Terrell Davis with the host of NFL Total Access in Dan Hellie projected that The Dallas Cowboys will have at least 7 or 5 WINS from Mark Holmes YouTube video.

  25. I'm sick and tired of these over paid mother fuckers!

  26. What people need to understand the leftist movement communist movement in this country is doing everything they can to destroy the NFL and what's crazy is the NFL owners are allowing it who cares if somebody smokes pot I don't it's none of my business no victim no crime

  27. This kid is not suffering from a mental illness or demons in his head, he’s immature. Smoking weed is not a drug addiction. Its stupid that it’s illegal but it is. If I smoked weed but had a job that payed me like an nfl player and I had to choose between big ass checks or getting high. I promise you I will be getting paid like mutha fucker. SMH

  28. This will go down as one of the worst draft picks in Dallas Cowboy's history….. JERRY

  29. Another reason Jerry Jones should have traded for Earl Thomas. This defense needs DEPENDABLE people to have a chance to compete.

  30. Oh it's about to get worse. Been reported that Lesean McCoy will not face a suspension for DV due to a lack of evidence.

  31. I no the football player n im pissed. I dont no the person so i could care less about him. Youll be praying all day for all the screw ups out there

  32. I think its fake news bro

  33. Law giving me a stroke on game day

  34. I question the following:

    1. The timing. Is the league SCARED that Gregory will be a major force opposite D Law and create wrinkles against opposing teams.

    2. Credibility to the story. It sounds way to vague. What EXACTLY was the substance that Gregory is being charged against.

    3. Gregory spoke up about the NFL doing a poor job in taking better care of NFL players who are suffering from bi polar issues.

    The story stinks major falsehood.

  35. Here’s the deal law. Throw me in his shoes and I’m wearing some nice shoes. Personally… me… I smoke. But I’m lucky I eclipse 60k a year. I have PTSD from my deployment in Iraq. I lost a healthy son at birth a few summers back. You give me the choice to make that kinda cash and I WOULD NOT BE SMOKING. I had a great factory job 2 years ago. 24/hour is what I consider great at this point in my life. Got caught on a random test and quit smoking cold turkey. Was the easiest “quit” me and my fiancé have ever done. People get it twisted. Herb is a DEPENDENT. It is not addictive so players with the mental toughness to make it through college and get drafted into the NFL should most definitely be able to quit. All that said I believe players in the NFL SHOULD be able to use marijuana’s a pain reliever. What’s the alternative here people. Pain pills? Good luck with that.

  36. Law im herin randy responded it wasnt true

  37. Here comes the cut him gang fake fans

  38. The media really does hate our team

  39. Let's pray for Randy Gregory!!!!?

  40. im not gonna knee jerk judge randy gregory wish him the best but us cowboy fans will neva catch a break it seems man its tough being a cowboys fan that being said GO COWBOYS !!!!!!!

  41. The NFL is more lenient in these situations they see what Randy is doing to remedy himself they take that into account reading Todd archers article on ESPN it looks like they just going to give him a warning or something but not a suspension they've done that in the past without the players with substance abuse praying for you my brother Randy hopefully you get off this substance you are such a talent such a disruptor

  42. Hope this is falsely reported if not this man needs help

  43. Cut that motherfucker already

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