1. Tavon and Beasley sheesh

  2. Put up 40 burgers every week is the Dallas cowboys future

  3. I lived it and rooted for Tavon at WVU .. I also grew up in Baltimore , Just like Tavon
    He's the best player I ever seen.

  4. The man got so many his tds called back cause of poor downfield blocking now he's on the best blocking team in the league expect to see this man's potential actually flourish.

  5. Get vid !!! COWBOY NATION!!!

  6. not even a cowboy fan… but damn, if he is used the rite way… YIKES???

  7. Another nice tape review Law. He certainly has some impressive abilities. My concerns with Austin out of the backfield are basically twofold:
    If he becomes a threat out of the backfield you're eventually going to want to keep him in the backfield in order to keep the defense guessing, can he pass protect?
    The Dallas coaching staff is not known for creativity. Will they be able to develop plays that will make full use Tavon's strengths?

  8. Feed him the ball

  9. Why limit austin…let him do everything wr slot ,return punts..slants……he is a nightmare to cover 1 on 1…

  10. Tavon’s Austin speed?

  11. Great video Law Nation I am ready to see him ball out.
    I hope we win the NFC East and get far in the playoffs.

  12. MDGA 2018 !!!! Make Dallas Great Again ! : )

  13. I just think you already have a RB who does this…and does as well as any on in the game….Id prefer to see him not take plays away from our best player.

  14. I really love the IDEA of what you're saying how Tavon can be used. But to accomplish these things you have to have a playbook creative enough and diverse enough to carry out that idea. As much as I love my boys, I haven't seen anything in the past 5+ years that show that the Boys playbook has any of these kind of ideas in its arsenal. Maybe they've going to grow it, but I don't know it's there right now.

  15. Don't matter..just giv him the balll….will outrun everyone

  16. They better use him in the passing game like lance dunbar

  17. 6.7 per carry for the Rams in his career. Defenses will stress about whether their lb can cover him or do they have to bring over a db. Imagine disguishing a run to the right by Ellliott and it goes to Austin on a reverse? The defenders have to stay home or they risk a huge play.

  18. It's too early to get into heated debates with Cowboys haters and fake Cowboys fans about our team. Good informative video on our boys but you still have "Negative Nancys" in the comment section. I'm not making any bold predictions but I feel really good about what Austin brings to the team. We are going to shock a lot of people this year! DC4L!!

  19. I'm loving the fact of Austin's speed coming to Dallas. What I don't see is defenses making smart adjustments in this video pre-snap. Simple adjustments would have stopped these plays for little to no yards. The defense has to respect his speed, yes, but this is not new. Film will eat this up. I hope there's a difference with our line and QB

  20. I think Tavon will be that added weapon we have been looking for to take the pressure off Zeke.

  21. I trust his speed but I do not trust their creativity

  22. He needs to be sent deep some. Who can keep up with him?

  23. Is that what the Cowboys are going to do since their quarterback has no accuracy downfield all right that's so damn funny

  24. I agree, crazy ground yards

  25. Good stuff, TA is another weapon that this team needs bad, a Speed element to force Defenses to account for someone other then Zeke. Dak needs more guys who can take a 5 yard pass & go the distance. I have long been down on Linehan, but He really sounds excited to have TA.

  26. Speed unmatched. Go cowboys

  27. Fans don't realize that with 6 rushing tds last year Dak accounted for 28 tds last year. Who wouldn't take a 28 td/ 13 int ratio from a second year guy? Prescott will be able to follow through on his passes this year avoiding ints. Imagine the elation we'll feel if he is able to move the offense with very young players? It'll mean a Sb finally !!! I see Dak getting a big contract before his 4th season after 18.

  28. Austin averaged 6.7 per carry in his career. He is a very important factor this year. Dak has lost weight because he plans on having the ball more. He himself had 6 tds and over 6 yards a carry last year with subpar blocking. Austin is gonna be the safety valve for Dak. Now Law we all know Prescott is fighting for his life. In OTAs we are reading that Rush is sharp? Its a huge contract after the season if 4 gets it done. If not,….. it may be him fighting Rush for the starting job in 19. Prescott is gonna have a HUGE year! He is a talent and he'll show it.

  29. And I like travon. But I bet he get 1 play a game. We had lucky white head who had the same skill set. Not as good as travon but close. He would he 1 good play and than they wouldn't use him the rest of the game. That's couching.

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