1. The beat Cranks Law Nation and salute to the Cowboys FAM. Dak will be fine. This is amazing to me how we as Cowboys fans really don't know anything outside of Cowboys nation. Derek Carr, Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan with the best receiver i may add had a week 1 and ask anyone and they would say these QBs are better than Dak yet you can really say the same things about these guys that you say about Dak. The first half was bad. Really bad. Things didn't get rolling until late 3rd Quarter. Another thing all of the publications that came out this year said that we have the worst WR/TE group in all of the NFL. Now think about that and correlate Dak holding onto the ball too long and not seeing the field properly. Look bro Dak has to improve but he is a rhythm player so if he can get into a groove we will be humming along. I rewatched the game without emotion and trust me it really wasn't that bad. I was actually shocked, cause I felt so much emotion during the game that watching the game for the second time it was not bad ate all. The only difference in the game between Cam and Dak during the game was the rushing ability of Cam. Think about it.

  2. That’s why I said last week
    “Don’t panic yet.”
    No one said cowboys would be 16-0
    So why media go crazy after 1 loss…
    Why? Knee jerk reaction, that’s why.

  3. Stafford hell yea. Not no fitzmagic tho lol. Ya shoulda went and got Mcgown for Dak.

  4. Jalen Smith still looks hurt

  5. If we leave Williams at Guard we better bring a fullback to help him out or defenses will be keying in on the left side. We see how that went last season !!

  6. I’m ready to move on to NYG week 2 but does anyone else think that having a target like Rico Gathers would’ve helped Dak on them obvious passing 3rd and long situations ?

  7. Mark Sanchez was so good for Dak

  8. Carolina's offense is terrible though. Outside of mccaffery and cam and Olsen who got injured who do they have on offense that scares anyone? Panthers starting right tackle, left tackle, and one of their starting guards were injured and didn't play. They also let their stud guard Norwell leave in free agency this past offseason.

  9. Carolina wasn't 11-5 last year because they suck. That being said…Dak needs to play better…Linehan and Marinelli should've been dumped years ago. IF they lose Sunday then I'd just as soon they lose the first five and the Jones Boys clean house…make Richard head coach and let him pick his guys…write off the season and get on with it. I've had it with The Happy Clapper.

  10. Hey stupid! Dak only threw 1 pass past 20 yards and only threw 3 past 15! That's ridiculous. Dak ain't got it. Everybody looses moral watching that rugby looking shit. The defense held it's own until they lost moral from watching turnovers and wasted downs and under and overthrown passes from Dak. It's sad. Twill use to be a damn deep threat dummy, the nigga ain't score all last season. This nigga Dak ate off the threats of big plays downfield that Tony put in defenses. Stop defending Dak bro. I know he's a feel good story and blah, I know you like his cool name but no sir! The same staff was there when dez and Tony were breaking records. It's Dakota P lol the P is for problem lol

  11. Everyone forgot how the Romo led cowboys in 2014 bombed out vs the 49ers Romo was horrible had no arm strength.We didn't belong on same field losing 28–17 .Romo then had a horrible 1st half vs the Rams losing 21-7 at halftime.Before Romo and the defense turning it around in the second half winning 34-31,The cowboys went on to 12-4 and a playoff win vs Detroit.So it can be turned around

  12. You ask anybody tell you Dak is hot garbage except these delusional cowboy fans. Dak showing his true colors he's a 4th round pick people wtf up .

  13. Good assessment of this game. I share your feelings. Now Sunday… if we are playing the same against the Giants then I will start to be concerned.

  14. I love dak. But I’ll take Stafford

  15. Look I don't care nobody looked like contenders in week 1 Dak should go bacc to what he did his rookie year he needs to let loose and run that bootleg don that RPO hand the ball to number 21 use his second and 3rd read and his checc downs we won games that way Dak is fine he'll utilize his legs his accurate arm and learn from his mistakes Brady and Rodgers ain't perfect but everybody expecting Dak to be perfect and saying because he ain't we should bench him I'm sticcing with Dak

  16. COWBOYS will b ok. That O-line showed no playing in the preseason hurts. Sean Lee on D was in the plays but missed tackles. No playing and continuity really hurt. This offense is built around zeke. He gotta run more than 15 times. Dak over thinking plays. No RPO. He had alot of opportunities. That would of opened it up for zeke. Lets get it together boys. I commend the defense. They held it close. Lee get it together. Subpar with the backers…lets clean it up on the giants

  17. Law Baby–love your show..always tell you that..dont forget Bobby Bass from central coast California..love you and Voch and Shango and Darius ( Akoye media )..Big Game James

  18. If they saw him at Mississippi State he the ball down field

  19. If dak went else where they would.have him playing lights out

  20. Your best point is the Kellen Moore thing,Dak's best season was with Romo as a sounding board so is is Dak being intentionally set up to fail? And when Dak is being interviewed, I am just doing what they ask me to do?

  21. All the new coaches in the NFL went 0-7 in Week 1. That includes the "savior" everyone used to always scream for in Jon Gruden who got his ass handed to him by a head coach almost half his age. That also includes the defensive minded Matt Patricia, the latest, hottest head coach prospect from the Belichick Tree who got blown out at home 48-17 by the fucking JETS!!! Screaming for a new head coach just to change for the sake of it is NOT the answer. The Saints gave up 48 points at home as well to the Ryan Fitzpatrick led Buccaneers. RELAX everyone. The Cowboys have a pretty good defense in the making and the offense just needs to play more together. Jeez, they rarely played at all in the preseason and it showed. Defenses are ALWAYS ahead of the offenses this time of the year.

  22. I’m just saying dak passed for more yards then cam newton last year. For some reason, this toxic fan base saying dak is bad is ridiculous.

  23. Why is Kellen Moore the QB Coach?

  24. Damn man comparing yourself to the lions to make yourself feel better ??‍♂️??‍♂️ a lose in itself

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