1. Whitesboro, Texas!!!!!!!!

  2. The real key to this whole thing is Zeke, defenses have to account for him at all times that alone will help open things up for the other guys. I don't get the hype about Austin the dude has never really lived up to the expectations of being the 8th overall pick. You don't really have a go-to guy last year defenses took away the check down to Beasly in the flat and no one is established at the TE spot. The offense may experience some growing pains. I'm really about the defense tho especially if Gregory can do whats hes been doing in practice in the game thats really going to give the Cowboys D a edge.

  3. New subscriber from Seattle–Dallas Native. Love your show. Go Cowboys

  4. Keep in mind the 49ers of the 80's was a dink and dunk offense with a beast run game and defense. Dink to the WRs and let them run for YAC. Dak and this offense may very well have that type of production.

  5. Law, talking about WR's. I don't know if you remember your video on WRs before the draft. I recommending you look up a kid named Marques Valdez-Scantling: 6' 4", runs 4:37. I hoped Dallas would have drafted him. Anyway, Green Bay drafted him in the 5th round. He balled out in their first Preseason game, yeah its preseason, but he had 100 yard on 5 reception and a TD. I think we need to keep and eye on GB, we may end up seeing them in the playoffs.

  6. Alvin Harper was a high jumper too

  7. They needs to keep cole

  8. John mason in the house Jackson Mississippi j-town

  9. i got to go watch the other 500 cowboy youtubers my internet disqualified me

  10. I’m sitting here watching first take on ESPN and they are talking about travon….bru I believe in travon cuz I believe in dak and that o line but travon looks rejuvenated and ready to play and be successful in that offense … travon came in the league as a high draft pick but never played on a team like Dallas has now and dude on first take sounds like every other cowboy hater and doubters every body keeps talking about dez bru dez no longer had it couldn’t separate from defenders and everytime he cried for the ball and dak went his way he dropped the ball more than he caught the ball so why are we talking about dez and bla bla bla …if dez was so good then why hasn’t a team picked him up yet dez no longer had it slow and couldn’t catch no more …Dallas has a group of young good receivers and they are going to prove everybody dead ass wrong….keep hating and watch this shit we do….cowboys STAND UP…..OH I love your Chanel (law nation) keep reps the realist team in the league…I’m out..#1cowboy

  11. During the Sf game Rod Smith kept the ball on a fake handoff to Austin but you could see Austin had alot of room on the right side, like all day.

  12. When the back 7 sees 10 running across the field their eyes will leave Elliott because they better. Austin is gonna be a nice chain mover! 6.7 per carry as a rb! A rabbit running along with large tigers can get lost in the crowd.

  13. Law I feel you on your stance with Tavon Austin, and here's my thing. This is a feel good preseason story. Sure, he can contribute to our offense. He may even make an impact when he doesn't get the ball. But you mean to tell me a guy who's never really panned out in the NFL after 4 years as a pro is going to be the key finally this year because he was misused? It just isn't likely, and I'm just being real. I hope he has a great season. I think a great season for him is 45 catches for 600 yards and 6TDs. I believe the key to moving the chains is clearly our ground game. As far as receivers, we all better hope the key is Gallop. Sure, Hurns is fine. But he's not a monster take-over-the-game kind of guy. If Gallop can become that guy, then we're talking about changing games. I think that there's a chance he could be. Otherwise we're looking at a bunch of #2 and #3 receivers, which still could work for us if our D can elevate their game. As always GO COWBOYS!

  14. What up law #205 Alabama in the house I like reko let him mature he only a 2nd year player don't forget that Michael G is going to be a ? just don't put to much pressure on his to be great so soon we have a lot of great wr that can put in work and tavon will be alsome this year but we must use bo effectively

  15. They just better run the gauntlet drill with Tavon every week at practice because with his history of fumbling every defense will be going for the ball when he catches or runs with it. Once you get that rep…you got that rep.

  16. Dallas Cowboys All Day/All Night!!!

  17. Law you should put the text on screen!

  18. 5 to 7 yard pass..a juke a block —touchdown

  19. You got that right…mc vay..lmao had no clue of tavon skill set

  20. Im defintly excited bout this season.This cowboys team will be very explosive and next legion of doom.I know boom but they will give other offense team alot of problems.

  21. Law the receiver we got from Utah Carrington is a 6’3” WR! Good hands, and moves pretty good for his size! Just like his fluidity in/out of his routes! That’s with no DBs but I think with his size, shouldn’t be a problem hope he latches on, more size and speed at WR stockpile will help our run game! Blocking down field, catching ? and opening lanes for Zeke w/o blocking by running them away from the play! Physical, strong and good hand eye … good player

  22. What up Law from
    Mission, TX

    Home of Tom Landry

  23. Tavon & Beasley onfield together?

  24. Law
    You just named Hurns, Bease, Tavon, now TWill that's slot eligible ?
    Maybe this is why there's talk of shopping Bease?

    Great job not bouncing back, BUT falling forward
    You have to fall backwards to bounce back?
    And you never stepped back my man

    My prayers are continually for you & your constituents

  25. Talking heads don’t give our WRs a chance but we’ve got probably the best combination of size speed toughness and agility in the division at least. I just don’t see a more well rounded bunch ANYWHERE. But that’s jmo.
    BTW, I think Tavon’s the second coming of Steve Smith.

  26. this channel sucks ….lets talk football stop all the shout outs

  27. The key is our coaching staff, mainly Linehan will he utilize Tavon and not just use him as some trick play type of guy,We finally have a speedster that can really help open up some things with the passing game, I know they said they viewed him as running back but with his speed we need to throw him the ball and just get him in space

  28. Keep it going brother!

  29. Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me ask y'all a question, Do you think that Mekale McCay (Former Cincinnati Bearcats) Wide Receiver 6'6 210lbs. will make the 53-Man Roster?

  30. I hope we don't waist bo scarbrough talent and stash him away

  31. I’m a Cowboys fan, but there’s an awful lot of optimism based on some practices and one pre season game. Are you really comparing Irvin, a hall of famer, with the rookie Gallup? Really?

  32. Law, Dez Bryant is an Afterthought now, Why are we still talking about someone that is NOT even on the roster?

  33. Well, Cole Beasley is a good receiver and he makes it harder for TALLER Corners to stick him.

  34. Darren Carrington Former Utah Utes Wide Receiver

  35. Law, You're referring to George Selvie (Former USF) South Florida Bulls Defensive End

  36. Law, Well, Tavon Austin is a HYBRID WR/HB that can expose a defense then to compile that is you have Cole Beasley in which you put him in the Y (Slot) and Now other opposing defenses will have problems.

  37. Fans saying Zeke , Get Stadium announcement call Reecko 1st down or TD!

  38. Rico will make this team! They dropped the hammer! Told him to get it or not be ready! I’m not a fan of his but he is a red zone nightmare!

  39. Law Austin is Lucky Whitehead 3.0 he will able to do everything that Lucky Whitehead can't do

  40. Primary is ok cause we all going to make the 2.0 all good!!! Been a fan for about 3-5 months and so happy to find your show!!! Aloha, 808-Yong

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