1. J.L is full of it. His tweet came out the day after Jerry said its day to day and it's a process. This is him trying to get a job somewhere

  2. preseason is best for rookies and developing players – nothing bets real live game time and makeup, sit out key vet players without announcing. cut preseason away from vets but not the rookies , don't like having extra beating on their bodies – just one (bye) weeks is not enough body rest, imo. Teams more and more are sittign out their big players ala zeke and dak. i heard Chargers sat out all starters in one preseason game.

  3. Its media trying to start shit bout Randy.He been clean and aint doing nothing.Randy were happy your back fuck media.

  4. What do y'all think about #51 Jihad Ward (Former Oakland Raiders) Nose Tackle?

  5. BigGameJames, I AGREE with that assertion of playing Rico Gathers earlier in the game.

    ⏩We have to STOP BAD OR ABYSSMAL Game shaming Rico Gathers

  6. JJ Wilcox is on Pittsburgh Steelers

  7. What about Kyle Quierro?

  8. BigGameJames, If you think about it, Kris Richard loves Tall Cornerbacks and Obi Melifonwu (Former Connecticut Huskies) Cornerback CUT by Oakland Raiders is 6'4…

  9. Shorten the preseason but bring back the tougher practice schedule so these guys learn how not to get hurt. If I took a 90s playoff team and put them against a super bowl winner from the last ten years they would dominate currents teams.

  10. Law, You had to RECALIBRATE

  11. Why do Fans care about HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE?

  12. That means HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE shouldn't factor into the Playoff Scenario Why shouldn't it? Well, The team that gets HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE has a little bit of an advantage over the team that is playing on the Road.

  13. Law, BigGameJames, and DDP y'all are referring to Harold Landry (Former Boston College Eagles) Defensive End/JACK Linebacker

  14. Law, BigGameJames and DDP, Don't FORGET about:

    ⏩Chris Carter

    ⏩Nick Wright

    ⏩Colin Cowherd and

    ⏩Jason Spurlock

  15. DDP, How you pronounce his name is Jason La Canfora

  16. One more tidbit, Teddy Bridgewater supposed Backup QB to Sam Darnold of NY Jets has been TRADED to New Orleans Saints.

  17. Law, BigGameJames and DDP, This is NOT Dallas Cowboys related I have received some notifications from the NFL App Well, Aaron Rodgers has signed a 4-year deal worth $100 million after Odell Beckham Jr. signed a 5-year deal worth $95 million.

  18. Why in the world is Chaz Green still on the team. Enough is enough!

  19. Dallas should cut T Williams, then resign Dez, for $5 mill

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