1. Law what part of the Sipp you from?

  2. REAL Cowboy fans, you want to make a difference ??? Attack Todd Archer online and all social media sites. Facebook, etc….. He is a liar and behind a lot of what gets picked up and spread. It brings turmoil with it. He and the majority of these media maggots have NO CLUE to the game.
    The Cowboys will be fine. We played CAROLINA, Cam beat us with his feet, we were in it at the end. Dak will pick up the pace and he will get it done. WE have a good ballclub this year. Now support !!!

  3. FEED THE ZEKE 20-25X A GAME!!!

  4. #55 Cowboys = Bobby Carpenter 2.0!


  6. Lewis is dead until brown start messing up

  7. I love the effort kris did his thing

  8. Lee will have a big game against the Giants believe that!!!

  9. It's all love law!!! DC4L!

  10. Come on Law.. Just knew you were about to bust a popping freestyle

  11. Remember friends many people are very jealous of our beloved Cowboys. That's why they act the way they do. GO COWBOYS ?

  12. Why he need to play especially the red zone

  13. Law quite saying too-as well, that's like using a double negative in a sentence..just a suggestion

  14. It's really a Conspiracy against the Cowboys, I can't name 1 Network that likes us….This is why Jerry Jones is rich and he will never change

  15. So did he fail another test?

  16. I like how this guys starts his videos like he’s about to start free styling. I love it..

  17. Salute to you brother!

  18. Hey Law you Joe Cowboys blog and footsdaking top channels these other all drama and they sugar coat dak . We face 8 man fronts immagine a good qb would be salivating . Gregory is a Beast i love him starting with Tank other side that boy Ross in the middle is huge id love to see him and irving that front 4 and then Armstrong is a solid D end

  19. Thought u bout to start freestyling ?

  20. Dallas Cowboys sign Xavier Su'a-Filo

  21. You shoulf do a film session of connor williams vs the panthers d line

  22. they need to let dak play. . that didnt look like dak from college smh

  23. The NFL had already spoke on Randy situation. That report that came out Sunday was obviously click bait. Sad that reporters go to such extremes to remain semi-relevent.

  24. Should the cowboys be looking at Jordan Matthews?

  25. We need to use Dak Prescott like Russell Wilson or even like Cam Newton , Rpo's, sprint right passes, play action roll outs and things of that nature. Dink and Dunk passing is fine when you have Zeke and this type of play will also keep the defense fresh.

  26. The defense didn't look that good to me a great defense does not allow touchdowns.

  27. I am so sick of this franchise Jerry Jones likes being mediocre and we need to fire Happy the Clown Clapper this is disgusting a once-proud franchise is dead.

  28. LOOK, I want Gregory to be in the Ring of Honor one day. I want him to be All Pro too. But the FACTS….. he has had 2 good games, period. Yes I want him to keep it up. But don't get so carried away with him being this GREAT DE. And, 2 factors, the front office says the rumor (suspension) is BS but everybody else, Dallas Media included says he will be suspended. Now we have a concussion deal and I am glad he is ok. He took one of those nasty unintentional shots.
    All I'm saying is lets not get too carried away with his performance. I was more impressed with Collins, Ross and Woods than Gregory. And DLaw always brings the bacon. Gregory has played well twice against 2 players OT's, one was a backup and if I'm not wrong Carolina had a starting OT out yesterday as well but I don't know which side it was on. Cowboy D played well against I believe a top 5 NFL team. Hard to contain Cam when he is running and thats how he beat us, with his feet.
    Offensively, I don't want to talk about it. Other than LINEHAN is bad since he came and has not been a winner his entire career coaching. I love Dak, support Dak, defend Dak, but dang man

  29. Man whoever did the beat to the intro song is did a great job, I always think Law is about to buss a fire freestyle lol

  30. Where the hell is Rico ??

  31. This team of ours is over rated at 32nd in the league. And I don't see any future Superbowls with Garrett and company!?

  32. A week one loss has always been the spark needed for the Cowboys to ramp it up. This season is no exception!

  33. They need to move Collins back to gaurd

  34. We need that depth on our d-line.. Randy puts us on a different level. We weren't really as effective rushing the passer as I would like. Our secondary really held us down more than anything..

  35. Bro I told u we was ass all summer…

  36. 0:13 Law with the head nod ?? I see ya, Law!

  37. snake lee got turned into a belt

  38. if he fails another piss test he needs to go fill a application out at his nearest McDonalds.

  39. hoping everything is okay

  40. You know you want to spit some bars so just let go and do it

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