1. When you add Dak's six tds rushing he had 28 tds and 13 ints lst year which is too shabby. Add over 300 yds rushing to his passing yards? Hes WilsonISK.

  2. Tony Romo first two full seasons ( 07-08 ) = 33 ints Dak Prescott first two full seasons ( 16-17 ) = 17 ints

  3. Y’all remember Mike Jenkins had that breakout year made probowl off 5 picks lmao

  4. There is ONLY one way to win another title. Pound the rock with Zeke and let Dak run the offense with Linehan being aggressive. Two, attack with a defensive front, not blitzing the few times we do with secondary personnel and Lb's. They should be in coverage. That wins NOW in the NFL as proved last year and the several years before. But we cannot do this because the DLine has not been a priority especially the productive and desperately needed DT production. Every year the last 20 the Owner of my Cowboys has tried the exact same approach. A passive coverage control defense, two deep zone with a lack of front end pressure.

  5. Do you think Dallas keep Zeke more than 5 years if they give him heavy work load several years? Thanks

  6. Dak’s mama brought him up well, great show Big Game James, keep spittin that ??????, I am catching this show on the ricochet. As long eats his Chunky soup, he’ll be fine. 1 more thing I agree with producer G…. I think BO was a steal, I think he’ll be a beast in the 4th quarter

  7. 1st n 2nd
    Cowboys forever ? ???
    We Dem Boyz

  8. ? Stuff fam!!!
    Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Hatter's gotta do there job!!!

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