2. Pronounced: Lance Len-wa. He looks promising in the first preseason game

  3. He will make the team. He does have potential.

  4. I have this hunch that Lance is this years Miles Austin. Gonna do way more than people think. Dak can't shut up about the guy and 6 that's a big hint for what's to come

  5. Lance Lenoir is one of the hardest working players Dallas has! It would be a shame to see him get cut at the end of the training camp for the final roster! It would behest us to keep him as a possession receiver that can make that extra YAC and you know he will work his ass off blocking, catching, running routes even if it’s not going to his side! He gets it … whatever we have to do we need to keep him as a special teams and fighting to have more playing time…he can show this coaching staff that you can work hard and become the player you want even if he isn’t from Boise State! Surreal how many players we have and even as a coach we have one that’s like 6-8 players coaches that have been or a present DallasCowboys! Enjoy your weekend Law! Your friend in Hawaii 808-Yong

  6. I hope he makes it…in fact I like all the receivers

  7. Its going be tough somebody good is going end up practice squad and might be a steal for a team. Dallas has speed and possession guys. I like Lenoir alot and KD.Cannon. people forget that before draft last year Cannon was first round has character is why he didn't get on roster last year. I think the 6 WR that will make team is Hurns Beasley Gallup Brown Lenoir and Thompson I definitely give KD Cannon a shot I don't see Terence Williams making team

  8. Owwww Lance has hard core potential!! Yeah LAW Tyson punches👌

  9. Just stop it! This is Lance Lenoir we are talking about.

  10. I’d take him, and move Noah brown to TE, and cut Rico gathers

  11. He will be making the 53 man this season watch and see

  12. Mini dez is not a compliment

  13. Can you do a film break down in Prescott, rush, and Mike white about ball placement, accuracy, and footwork?


  15. I’ve obviously heard the music before but what’s it called? 😂 it’s from Thursday night football I think..

  16. I think he'll make the team, but are we actually gonna play him

  17. Not sure he makes the 53

  18. We'll see in training camp. We have a gang of WR's, but we'll find out who's the "hungriest" when it's time to compete.😉

  19. He looks like a solid receiver, he could be mean like Dez was. Good route runner and was solid in college. He is a Mcclay pick, those usually turn out ok.

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